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Caffeine – Can’t Start My Day Until I’ve Had My Coffee

I can’t start my day until I’ve had a coffee.

How many times have you voiced the sentiments above, or something very similar, and how many times have you heard somebody else agree with those sentiments?

Coffee is probably the most insidious drug in the world, with addicts numbering in the millions. Now, look at the title of this article again but, this time, substitute the word heroin for coffee, or cocaine, or amphetamine…

Get the picture? It may sound over-the-top but it’s the truth, coffee is a drug that stimulates the nervous system; in scientific terms, it is a psychoactive drug and is a frequent ingredient in painkillers, because it increases the absorption of drugs into the bloodstream. But, because we all ‘do coffee’ it is a socially acceptable drug.

Coffee’s right function in life is to protect the plant that produces it from attack by animals and insects. Mostly these creatures leave it alone because of the bitter taste, but, if they persist in their nibbling, the 200 acids and the caffeine contained in the plant fatally disrupt their nervous system. Still, we humans are clever and have learned to modify the taste of coffee by the addition of sugar and milk, although, of course, many people drink it ‘black, as it comes.’

What you should be aware of is the fact that coffee is the culprit in a number of health problems, including impaired digestion, sleep disturbances, malnutrition of calcium, magnesium and the B vitamins, depression, constipation, headaches, and reduction of adrenalin. Additionally, women suffer impaired health at lower intake levels of coffee compared to men.

On the positive side: drinking lots of coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes; it gives a temporary boost to circulation of blood in the brain, thus making us more alert for a small time; and its full of antioxidants – especially when fresh roasted.

The sensible approach to coffee, then, seems to be that one or two cups a day won’t do you any fantastic harm. If you drink more than that, but, it might be a excellent thought to try to reduce your consumption, perhaps replacing those extra cups of coffee with herb teas, fruit juices, or excellent ancient water.

If you’ve ever experienced the atrocious headache that comes when you’ve missed a cup of coffee, you will realize that reducing your coffee intake should be done slowly. You may find it simpler to reduce if you substitute green tea to start off with, as this contains caffeine, just less of it.

An even healthier way to reduce is by doing some exercise when your brain needs a boost, rather than reaching for the coffee. Exercise will result in increased blood flow to the brain and achieve exactly the same effect as coffee, while at the same time, toning up the flab!

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