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Sprouts Give That Little Extra

Sprouted seeds have always been known as a wonder food because at the time of sprouting, the chemical resources of the seed are linked with the natural power-house controlling all growth.

During the time of germination of a seed, fantastic energy is released and made available for human consumption. Because sprouts offer an efficient, high grade, and cheap nutritional resource, they have been sustained as part of oriental diet for centuries and an integral ingredient in the diet of a Yogi.

Sprouted seeds are an example of the best Sattwic, or vital foods, that we have, but must be grown well and under the most natural conditions as possible if they are to contain the nutrients we anticipate.

Methods of Sprouting Your Own Vitamins

There are many methods used in domestic cultivation of seeds that vary from earth boxes and glass jars to more designer type sprouting trays. Although large seeds like sunflower are best in soil, most require only water and indirect sunshine to encourage their growth. Most seeds can be cajoled into suitable sprouts for eating, but there are others that remain stubborn. In this latter case amateur sprouters become frustrated as seeds go to mould rather than to growth.

There are certainly some facts relating to direct experience in sprouting that are helpful to the beginner, such as gaining initial experience by using alfalfa (lucerne) seeds.

When a tray of healthy green sprouted seeds has grown the desired few inches, if not required immediately for a salad, they can be stored for a small time in the refrigerator, but will still require changing of the water. They will prove to be twice as nutritious and tasty than any sprouts you may buy pre-packed at the supermarket.

Well loved seeds used in cultivating sprouts are alfalfa, sunflower, lentils adzuki bean, mung beans, pumpkin, fenugreek, wheat, barley, mustard and cress. Alfalfa was the first to be introduced to western diets. It contains all the known vitamins as well as vital enzymes, starches, proteins, iron, calcium, silica, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and chlorophyll.

Sprouted Seeds yield vital health food that can be used fresh in salads, just prior to serving Chinese dishes, or in soups, savouries, garnishing and sauces.

Commercially grown sprouts offer a considerable range and the variety may be attractive. But there is nothing better than home grown sprouts. Even greater is their attraction should they have been nurtured by the children as an enjoyable leisure activity which allows them to make their contribution to the household.

In all my years of teaching Yoga, I have found that Yoga students and practitioners have always been the most avid supporters, growers and users of sprouted seeds.

Why don’t you start growing some today?

Sally Janssen is one of the best known Yoga teachers in Australia, and is a former President of the International Yoga Teachers Association. She runs an informational website that deals with the very spirit of traditional Yoga. To benefit from her extensive knowledge be sure to visit her site at classical-yoga.com classical-yoga.com

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