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Vegetable Juices Recipe – Juice It Up!

Vegetable juices are known for promoting health and beauty and are commonly used in spas that run along Ayurvedic lines. They are usually (with the exception f beetroot and carrot) low in sugar (low glycemic quotient) and hence do not lead to weight gain and can be consumed without dread by everyone.

Vegetable juices are very rich in enzymes that promote digestion and support the stomach enzymes, therefore enhancing the “life energy” of the human body. They are rich in vitamins such as B complex, beta carotene, Vitamin C and such minerals as potassium (excellent for hypertensives) sodium, magnesium and many electrolytes that are vital for nerve conductions.

These juices, once cooled in refrigerator, can be consumed as summer coolers and are fantastic for stomach.

After all, summer is when there is a maximum outbreak of stomach disorders. these juices are also known for their medicinal value – they plot an vital role in preventing and curing diseases.

Vegetable juices for Summer-

Cabbage juice:

Raw cabbage juice has many minerals, it contains sulphur and chlorine which help dissolve mucus and phlegm in the tissues. Raw juice is taken on an empty stomach ulcers and acidity. Those suffering from irritable bowel movements benefit greatly from raw cabbage juice. It is excellent for piles and also has anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. Cabbage juice should not be consumed in excess by hypothyroid patients.

Methis/fenugreek leaves:

The juice is very cooling and aromatic. It is also a fantastic cure for indigestion, flatulence and liver disorders. It is teeming with iron content.

Myth: Calcium is only found only in milk.

Fact: Calcium is found in excellent quantities in all leaves, soya products and nuts.

Random Tip- Benefits of Summer vegetables- Mint: Mint is a well loved summer vegetable for obvious reasons. Mint has iron, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. It has cooling and cleansing properties. Even the ancient Romans, Indians and Chinese are aware of its benefits. It serves as an brilliant digestive because it has enzymes in it. Mint can balance the constitutions of women with irregular menstrual cycles. Its been said that mint tea is excellent for liver too because it serves as an brilliant detoxifier. Methanol oil, which is an extract of mint, is extremely effective for dental problems. and the list of benefits can go on and on….

How to cook: It is best eaten as chutney with coriander leaves, onion, black salt and pepper, or as a garnish sprinkled on salads. Considered to be excellent for all constitutions.

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Radish leaves:

They have diuretic and laxative properties, useful for urine problems and also excellent for kidney stones. Radish leaf juice mixed with lemon juice is given to jaundice patients for speedy recovery.

Spinach leaves:

There are also diuretic, laxative and rich in iron. The leaves are brilliant sources of calcium and beta-carotene. Carrot and spinach juices treats bleeding gums while spinach juice with coconut water is an brilliant cure for nephritis and kidney disorders.

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