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Low-Fat Cooking for A Low-Fat Lifestyle

Stout is in the news again. Especially, we are being urged to purge something called trans fats from our diets. Cities such as New York have even started banning restaurants from using trans fats.

What are trans fats? Although some trans fats occur naturally–primarily in certain animal-based food products–most of them are made when manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil. Hydrogenation increases the shelf life and stabilizes the flavor of foods, but at a health cost, scientists have learned.

Trans fats raise the level of terrible cholesterol in your body, increasing your risk for heart disease, much the same as saturated stout does. Now, some dietary stout is excellent and necessary for us, but to the extent possible it should be the unsaturated, non-hydrogenated kind.

Trans fats are most frequently found in vegetable shortenings, some margarines, cookies, crackers and other foods made with or fried in partially hydrogenated oil. As a response to the growing recognition of the health risks of both trans fats and saturated fats, low-stout cooking is again coming into vogue in the home kitchen.

Low-stout cooking is a excellent thought for all parts of your meal–yes, even dessert. The problem for those of us who like to cook (and eat!) is that stout carries so much of the flavor that we like in our favorite foods. The challenge is to find ways to add back in the flavor and texture that are lost when you take out the stout. A fantastic way to do this is with seasonings. Each dish will require a different combination of seasonings to make it taste its greatest. Be prepared to experiment.

Another tip: Low-stout cooking is nearly impossible unless you use nonstick pans, which do not require oil for cooking. So, before you change to a low-stout lifestyle, make sure your kitchen is stocked with the proper type of cookware.

As for cooking methods, try grilling or baking the things that you used to deep-fry. Other excellent low-stout cooking methods include braising and poaching. Steaming vegetables in the microwave is a excellent example of low-stout cooking.

The benefits of a low-stout diet are many. You cut your risk not only of heart disease, but also of obesity with its many attendant complications. Starting your children on a low-stout diet builds a foundation for healthy eating habits as adults.

As for low-stout recipes, the Internet is chock-full of them. Most restaurants nowadays offer healthy, low-stout choices on their menus; check out some of the books and ebooks of “secret” restaurant recipes if you want to learn to make them at home.

Yes, a low-stout lifestyle can present challenges. But it can be an enjoyable adventure as well, for both you and your family.

As a response to the growing recognition of the health risks of both trans fats and saturated fats, low-stout cooking is again coming into vogue in the home kitchen. There are challenges, though, in adopting a low-stout lifestyle. Here are some thoughts and tips for low-stout cooking that will turn that new way of eating into an exciting adventure.Sarah Sandori is the food and entertaining columnist for the solid-gold.info/index.html Solid Gold Info Writers Consortium. Have you ever wanted to be able to exactly duplicate a favorite dish from a favorite restaurant? Check out Sarah’s article where she reveals her source for the most mouth-watering secret restaurant recipes in America: solid-gold.info/most-wanted-recipes.html solid-gold.info/most-wanted-recipes.html

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