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Don’t Let Cooking Turkey Gobble You Up

Most everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many of us appreciate the excellent food associated with these two holidays. Enjoying family and friends can leave you with wonderful memories. Cooking turkey is part of the fun and festivities of the holidays. Many people are worried of the task of cooking turkey. They reckon it is too hard and often avoid the responsibility of that particular job. They will let someone else be responsible for that part of the meal or because we live in such a quick food society, they will buy a turkey that is already cooked. This article will talk about how simple cooking turkey can be so you won’t be gobbled up.

Cooking turkey is an simple way to feed many people. One large turkey can feed many people with not a lot of expense involved. Usually you will have turkey left over’s that can not only be used to make sandwiches, but turkey can be used to make many dishes. Turkey is very healthy for you as it doesn’t have a lot of stout content to it. There are many benefits to cooking turkey. For one thing, you can place it in the oven and leave the house to do other errands. Since you can set the oven on a low heat and cook for a long time, you will not be stuck slaving over the stove all day. You will be free to visit with your guests.

When selecting a pan for cooking turkey, make sure the pan is large enough for the bird to sit in without hanging out all over. If the bird hangs over the pan much, you won’t be able to cover the turkey and more than likely, the meat will end up being dry. After taking off the wrapping on the bird, make sure you remove any giblets that may be stored in both of the open cavities in the bird. Once you have removed all the giblets, rinse the bird inside and out until all the blood is gone. I usually spray my pan with a non stick type of spray so clean up will be simple. After emptying all the rinsed water from inside both cavities, place the bird in the pan. When cooking turkey, you will need to salt and pepper the bird at this time. I like to take a cube of margarine and cut off wedges of it and place it all over and inside the turkey. Completely cover tight with foil and place in an oven that has been preheated to 325 degrees. Cook according to the weight of the bird, but an 18 to 20 pound turkey will cook for about 4 hours. Do not remove the foil until the last twenty minutes of cooking. You will want the turkey to brown so raise the oven temp. to 400 degrees and leave in the oven for about another twenty minutes or until your cooking turkey is golden brown.

Once your luvcooking.com/cooking-turkey.php cooking turkey is done, let it set for another 15-20 minutes before carving it. It should be nice and tender and tasty. You can baste the turkey before carving it with the drippings in the bottom of the pan. Once the turkey is removed you can use the drippings later to make gravy or the base for turkey and noodles. Cooking turkey can be a very rewarding experience. Once you have done it, you won’t be worried of it ever again. Using the proper type, and size of pan can be very helpful when cooking turkey and there are many excellent choices available.

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