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Your Cooking Is Killing Your Family! Learn How

Do you know the process that is used to distill water? It’s simple. Tap water is brought to a boiling point, thus, causing steam. The steam (which is the clean, distilled water) is captured. All of the nasty contaminants are left behind in the original pot. Does this sound like your cooking process?

We add tab water, which has been sterilized by chlorine, into our the dishes that we are preparing. But, the chlorine is still present. As we cook, steam (the clean water) is constantly rising out and leaving the chlorine behind. So what happens, we add more tap water to the pot to compound the amount of chlorine that will be left in our foods. Again, more steam rises and the process continues. When we are done, our food is loaded with chlorine while the “distilled” water went through our ventilation systems.

DID YOU KNOW: That Chlorine is proven to be a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent)?

It would seem that the simple solution would be to use distilled water for cooking which brings me to another couple of facts. First, we all know that distilled water has nothing left in it. There are no contaminants, but also, there are no minerals either. What’s worse is that distilled water is slightly acidic.

If you are an avid reader about health, I’m certain that you already know that cancer, viruses, and bacteria CANNOT survive in an alkaline environment BUT THRIVE and breed in acidic climates. This means that drinking or cooking with the distilled water moves our bodies into a less healthy state. Over the years this has left me with the debate, should I drink more water (which is necessary for survival) or less water (because it’s helping unwanted viruses and disease to multiply). WHAT A DILEMMA.

Not to worry, because there is a solution. In my last year of research, the ONLY product that I’ve found to add alkalinity back to our water is X20. It has a PH of 9.9 alkaline level which instantly raises the bodies PH, thus giving it the fighting power it needs. Not to mention, X2O loaded with minerals and electrolytes for optimal health and performance. This information is paramount for all of us who know someone who is currently going through chemotherapy and/or any person trying to prevent ever getting cancer…That would apply to EVERYONE!

It’s just a small sachet that you drop into your water and shake. There are no apparent changes, but WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.

LIKE A MIRACLE, X2O IS ALSO PROVEN TO COMPLETELY PURIFY WATER OF ALL CHLORINE WITHIN SECONDS. The demonstration videos on their website have made me a believer and it takes less than 5 minutes to view.

Knowledge Is Power.

This small sachet will transform distilled or “drinking” water into “whole” water or “holistic” water with natural healing properties… the way God intended it to be.


Author: Bobbie Wright. View videos at xoomaworldwide.com/holisticwater xoomaworldwide.com/holisticwater

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