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What is a Quality Vanilla Jasmine Tea Garden?

The vast majority of those who drink tea have tasted at least one variety of jasmine tea. But, vanilla jasmine tea, one of the most flavorful varieties of jasmine tea, is less familiar. But, you’ll not find a more tasty blend of tea than vanilla jasmine in terms of both flavor and aroma.

Jasmine is the most well loved botanical for blending with tea, but combining it with vanilla is a logical, yet rare combination. Jasmine tea is China’s most well loved flavored tea, and most jasmine tea is produced in China, typically using green tea leaves. But, jasmine tea, whether flavored with vanilla or not, is produced in every tea producing country in the world and can be made from any variety of tea.

Vanilla jasmine tea is not nearly as common as plain jasmine tea, so it is not as simple to find. And, since it can be made from every variety of tea in every country, it can come in a wide variety of qualities, too.

To a large extent, the quality of the tea you buy is determined by the quality of the garden in which it’s grown. Growing tea is hard work, and careful attention must be paid to the details in order to produce the finest quality teas. In addition, to make the best vanilla jasmine tea, the gardener must use quality botanicals for combining with the tea. The best vanilla jasmine tea gardens have skilled tea artisans who are experienced in producing vanilla jasmine blends along with the other teas they produce.

Tending a quality tea garden, regardless of the variety of tea, is a year round job. The first work of the tea growing season starts in March, when the tea plants are pruned one last time before the first harvest starts. Then, in April or May, the tea starts being harvested. Vanilla jasmine tea made from the first plucking of the year will be the best for the entire growing season. This is because the tea leaves are the most tender during the spring. In the case of white jasmine tea, there is only one plucking each year, as white tea is, by definition a spring tea, plucked just once each year.

Once the first harvest is plucked, the tea is processed based on the variety of tea. White and green tea leaves will be simply dried and then fired or steamed before being blended with the jasmine petals and the vanilla bean and extract. Oolong teas will be fermented for a small period of time along with the drying process before they’re blended with the jasmine petals and vanilla. Black tea will be fully fermented and processed before the leaves are flavored with jasmine and vanilla.

One of the most vital aspects of a quality jasmine tea garden lies in the quality of the jasmine blossoms and vanilla that are used and the blending expertise. The tea artisan must be experienced in blending the tea to ensure that the tea leaves are infused with just the right amount of jasmine and vanilla to produce the perfect flavor and aroma.

During the rest of the year, the tea garden must be tended to keep it at its best. In addition to harvesting the tea, the tea plants must be regularly weeded during the summer months. Then, in the fall, the plants must be fertilized, since this is when they grow the fastest. In October, the tea plants will be pruned in preparation for the winter.

Then throughout the winter, the tea gardener must watch any tea plants under four years of age, ensuring that they are protected from the cold.

You have many choices in vanilla jasmine tea. Depending upon the variety of the tea based used to make it; vanilla jasmine tea can have different flavors. Jasmine tea made with green tea will taste very refreshing and natural with a mild grassy flavor that is slightly sweet with a bold vanilla flavor and deep jasmine fragrance. Vanilla jasmine tea produced from white tea will be very light in color, mild and sweet.

The vanilla will be the most noticeable flavor, and the jasmine scent will be the overpowering aroma. Oolong jasmine tea will be fruity and aromatic with the subtle scent of jasmine and a vanilla sweetness. Finally, black vanilla jasmine tea will contain the most subtle fragrance and flavor of the jasmine and vanilla, because of the stronger taste of the tea. Because there are so many blends and flavors associated with black tea, vanilla jasmine tea made from black tea can be the most varied in flavor. The tea will be largely affected by the region of the world where the tea is grown.

The best tea gardens can produce any tea that they grow to be high quality and flavorful. To choose a fantastic vanilla jasmine tea, ensure that your tea vendor buys his vanilla jasmine tea from a garden that is dedicated to producing quality teas, and that has the skill and experience to make a perfect vanilla jasmine blend each and every time. Then choose your vanilla jasmine tea based on quality and you’re sure to like it whether it’s a black, white, green or oolong vanilla jasmine tea.

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