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A Guide to New Years Eve Glassware and Etiquette

New Years Eve is a fantastic time for celebrating. Friends and family together, toasting the year past and the new year to come except, their toasting with plastic or mixed match glassware. This is an absolute faux pas in the world of entertaining and you should take steps immediately to ensure your guests have the proper glassware, flutes or stemware required to properly ring in the new year. Below we will highlight some common mistakes people make and offer some simple tips and advice on how to avoid them!

Mistake # 1: Toasting the new years with any and all glassware you have

It is not okay to toast the coming new years with any ancient glasses. The only exception to this is if you are outside or in a pool or hot tub, you may use plastic, otherwise you lose the right effect of the cheer and will hang your head in shame for the year to come.

Solution: Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes come in a variety of shapes and styles. The most traditional is the 5oz flute glass. They have a cylindrical shape to them and resemble a right side up thin, long bell. There is also the Tulip shaped Champagne glass as well. This style is fantastic for stacking and pouring, a technique where you stack the glassware in a pyramid and pour the champagne or sparkling wine over the top of the glass and filling all the other glasses. A very slick technique but we suggest you practice first. Both of these champagne glasses are readily available at most kitchen stores or Online.. If you do not want to spend alot of money, consider a party rental outfit. Glasses can be rented for as small as $0.50 each. Be sure to do this quickly and early as others will do the same and you may be stuck with plastic and obviously, embarrassed.

Mistake # 2: Different wine glasses for different people

Unless you are hosting a party for hundreds, it is never all right to have mixed and matched glassware for your guests and their wines. This does not mean you must have every glass imaginable as there are hundreds of different varieties wine glasses for hundreds of different varieties wines. For example, Every shaped wine glass is constructed to optimize the nose, flavors and colors of each distinctive wine. This only matters if you are a wine snob, which hopefully you’re not.

Solution: Pick a glass and go with it!

Find a fantastic wine glass you like and stock up. Look for them at Discount outlets, Specialty kitchen Stores or Online. Again, you can rent as well!

Find a glass that fits nicely in your hand and look for glassware without a rim – “rimmed wine glasses promote drips” Make sure it is wide enough for swirling and deep enough to allow the colors and flavors to shine through It is OK to serve white wine in a Red glass but not the other way around!Look for glassware that is 14oz to 16 oz. capacity. Any thing larger is a balloon glass and anything smaller is a white wine or water glass. Riedel is the most notable stemware out there. They have been manufacturing and perfecting stemware for centuries. If you can afford it, Do it! If you want Crystal but can’t afford the best, then look for Bohemia Crystal as it can be cheaper and just as nice Mistake # 3: Cocktails in beer glasses, water glasses or heaven forbid, coffee cups! Serving cocktails, martinis or beer in anything other than cocktail glasses, martini glasses or Beer glasses is not all right. Exceptions are for larger parties and outdoor parties where plastic is there for safety and stupidity!

Solution: A glass for everything…and everything in its glass!

Cocktails should be served in a High ball glass. These glasses range in size from 8 oz to 10oz in size. larger glasses, anything over 12oz, is considered a double highball glass. These glasses are fantastic for what else, doubles. (Anything over 1 1/2 – 2 oz) they will also dwarf drinks that are served clean or lighter in alcohol. If you plot on serving fancier drinks, consider using a Collins glass. These particular glasses range from 14oz to 16oz and are generally tall and cylindrical. One other benefit is, they CAN double as a beer glass. Most bottled beer is 12oz and fits perfectly inside a Collins Glass.

Martinis are best served in a traditional 10oz martini glass. This is because many fancier martinis today require juice or other mixes and the glass needs to accommodate for this. If someone does question for a martini on the rocks, you can offer them a double high ball glass. (Be sure to use the ice you mixed the drink with…Adds to the flavor!). Again you can find any of this glassware at Discount outlets, Specialty kitchen Stores or Online.

Mistake # 4: Going overboard!

Do not go overboard in looking for the perfect glass. If you’re a small overwhelmed with hosting this party, then simply go to you local bar and look at what the professionals serve. Question a bartender what they recommend, Those who tend bar tend to know!

By following a few simple steps and using your head, you can throw a fantastic new years eve party that your guests will talk about for months to come. They’ll be impressed with your knowledge, attention to detail and of course, your fantastic hospitality. Yours will be a New Years to remember. Cheers!

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