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Medical Benefit of Drinking Green Tea

It has proven that drinking green tea is beneficial for the body. Although the brew’s health advantages have been recognized for centuries, it was only recently that green tea has been acknowledged in the medical field. The latest medical research has learned the medical benefit of drinking green tea.

Recent research has uncovered the potential healing abilities of green tea. Experts believe that the benefit of drinking green tea may extend throughout the body and that consumption may help in the prevention of certain diseases, which range from the simpler conditions to the more complicated ones. Here are some of the health conditions that green tea may help prevent or improve.

1. Reduced risk of heart diseases

One benefit of drinking green tea is that it helps to lessen the occurrence of heart diseases. In a recent research, the antioxidants in green tea have been shown to help stop the oxidation process of LDL (terrible) cholesterol. By drinking green tea, the HDL (excellent) cholesterol is increased and the function of the artery is enhanced. It has been shown that regular green tea drinkers have reduced their risk of developing hypertension by up to 65 percent compared to people who do not drink tea.

A study has also found that people who drink more than two cups of green tea each day lessened by 44 percent their chances of death following a heart attack. In people who consumed lesser amounts of green tea daily, the risk of death was decreased by nearly a third.

2. Blood pressure control

Another medical benefit of drinking green tea is lower blood pressure. It has been observed in a recent study that people who drank half a cup of green tea had lower chances of developing high blood pressure by nearly 50 percent. Those who consumed at least two and a half cups a day lessened their risk even more, even if they had risk factors for high blood pressure including a high intake of sodium.

3. Prevents growth of cancer cells

One major medical benefit of drinking green tea is the lower risk of developing cancer. A lot of population studies have linked green tea consumption with decreased likelihood of cancer development. Different study results have shown that the polyphenols in green tea may help reduce the risk for several types of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Animal lab studies have found that green tea extracts suppressed the growth of cancer cells in the bladder. Other studies also suggest that drinking green tea can prevent stomach and esophageal cancer.

The medical benefit of drinking green tea is largely attributed to the high content of antioxidants called flavonoids in green tea. Flavonoids are compounds derived from plants. Among all types of tea, green tea is the source of a group called catechins. Test tube studies have shown that catechins are more potent than vitamins C and E when it comes to stemming the oxidative hurt to cells. Aside from that, it has also been suggested that catechins have the ability to counteract the adverse effects of other types of diseases.

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