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Champagne Cocktails

Champagnes are sparkling wines produced by a certain method. They come from the province of Champagne in France. While champagne can already be consumed by itself, others also mix it with choice ingredients for a more bubbly and inviting taste. When mixed with other ingredients, they are called champagne cocktails.

An example of champagne cocktail is champagne cobbler. The drink is prepared by filling a large goblet with cracked ice. Afterwards, certain amounts of lemon juice, Curacao and orange slices are mixed together with champagne.

Another well-known champagne cocktail is Magna Carta. The rim of a chilled wine glass is dipped into limejuice and salt. Afterwards, tequila and triple sec are poured in together with champagne.

Some champagne cocktails also involve large amounts of wines. An example is regent’s punch. Three bottles of champagne, two bottles of Madeira and one bottle of German white wine are combined together with other ingredients such as brandy and rum.

To come up with the best champagne cocktails, some bartending skills may also be necessary. Examples of these are building, shaking and muddling. Building refers to the process of filling the glass with ice and pouring in the ingredients. A quick stir is done afterwards. Shaking, on the other hand, refers to the process of putting in the ingredients and the ice in a shaker. Shaking does not connote a simple rattle but a powerful and rapid movement of the shaker. Some drinks require the ice to be served with the final drink while others may require filtering out the ice after the shaking process. Lastly, muddling is the process of crushing ingredients such as fruits with the back end of the spoon. Through proper muddling, the juices of the ingredients can be fully extracted.

There are a lot of other examples of champagne cocktails. Instructions on how to prepare them can be found in the Internet or any wine books. People are, of course, still left with the freedom to come up with their own mixtures of champagne cocktails.

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