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Quick And Easy Way To Home Package Cookies With These 8 Yummy Creative Ideas

You’ve spent the time and effort to bake your tasty homemade cookie gifts, now it’s time to package them!

Don’t spoil all your hard work with dull cookie boxes and packaging thoughts.

You want cookie gifts that say “Yummy!” – Perception is everything!

First impressions are truly vital. So it’s unavoidable that you make a small effort to package your home-baked treats.

But where do you start? Here it is…

Reckon about what the theme is for your cookie gift packages. For example, it is a birthday gift or for Christmas holiday giving? Perhaps it’s for your Valentine? Use the theme on your packaging.

What are the main flavors or the cookie ingredients you used? Apply this element to help enhance the aroma that you may want to described on your cookie boxes or packages.

Are your cookies fragile? Or do they need to be air-tight and stored in the fridge? Consider using for example, zip seal bags, if necessary.

Always clean any used containers (or even store-bought new boxes) and dry before using.

When decorating your packages, be sure to use food safe items. Eg. Don’t use glues where cookies may be in contact. Consider the point that your cookie gift recipient may not always be as careful as you when replacing cookies back into containers. Reckon from their viewpoint and see whether there is an alternative method for better hygiene.

With that said and done, here are your “8 Yummy Creative Package Thoughts”:


“The Coffee Cup”

You may have seen a similar thought before, using a mug or coffee cup, but this is really a brilliant thought as people associate coffee cups with aroma.

Whether it be coffee or tea, this thought spells: ‘Excellent times with a friend over a cup of coffee/tea and some sweets!’

- Pre-pack about 2 – 4 cookies in cellophane or sealed bag and place inside cup.
- Embellish with a gift tag and fabric ribbon around cellophane. (You can also write a message or recipient name on the mug).


“Milk Carton”

This is perfect for butter cookies or packaging cookies for children. Either way, the milk carton makes a fantastic packaging box.

- Wash and dry container before use. Carefully open the top without tearing the cardboard.
- Place cookies inside.
- Seal top with staples or strong sticky-tape. (Do not use glues as they are unhygienic and not re-openable.
- Decorate exterior with wrapping paper or fabric and ribbon.

If you are computer savvy, you could make a milk carton mark with recipient name, theme graphics and colors to print and apply to your cookie carton!

Use one litre carton for giving to an entire family or a smaller carton for children or single recipients.

This is a fantastic container for refrigerating your cookies also. Plus, the benefit is that the design of the carton semi-closes on its own with the folding techniques incorporated.


“Peanut Butter Bottle”

Fantastic for peanut butter cookies! The theme, feeling and association is already there! And you don’t even need to worry about pealing the bottle stickers off. Use it instead to make a quirky cookie packaging.

Use a square piece of fabric nearly twice as large as the lid size and cover cookies before closing with the lid to make instant effective packaging.

Make a mark digitally and print out for a dynamic gift. You don’t have to cover the entire glass or bottle, leave a bit of room so they can take a peek at the yummy cookies you baked.


“Butter or Margarine Containers”

Unusual but very effective and fun. What’s more, it has a lid and is lightweight for posting your cookies. Just keep in mind that most butter containers aren’t air-tight.

You can decorate the exterior by making your own marks, or sticking appropriate wrapping paper over. I recommend a food style, earthy tones and colors for this method.

Lastly, tie a ribbon around the package like you would a gift box. Large wide ribbons would give you a dazzling package.

Fantastic for milk and butter cookies.


“Milo or Food Tins (with lid)”

Tins come in all different sizes and are fantastic for air-tight cookie storing. And you won’t have to pre-package your cookies in bags first.

Ideal for cookies that do not need to be refrigerated.

Also makes a fantastic cookie gifting thought for boys or men.

You can even etch in writing or graphics onto the tin if you have the proper tools and use right safety precautions.


“Candy or Chocolate Boxes”

Candies and cookies go hand in hand! These are small treats that the whole world like!

- Place your cookies lying flat into the box. You may need to take out the pre-made mould shapes used and use cardboard dividers to separate your cookies.
- Simply tie with ribbon and gift tag the package!


“Cocktail or Martini Glass”

Fantastic for alcohol-based cookies like rum balls during Christmas season!

- Place one cookie or two in cellophane, seal and place inside glass.
- Seal glass with clear food wrapping. Add ribbon and gift tag on glass stalk.


“Tea Box”

Use small aroma infusion tea packaging boxes – usually ones that have only 10 tea-bags in each box. You can pack 2 to 3 cookies in each box and give more than one tea box for fun.

- Seal cookies with cellophane or food bag first and place inside decorated tea boxes.

Why not leave one tea bag in front of your cookies? It’s a perfect invitation to a relaxing snack with a drink.

If you do not have any of these containers handy, you can easily buy them and transfer contents to other containers. Just make sure that it’s well washed and that most of the original scents are gone (except in the case such as the peanut butter bottles).

Not only are these 8 Yummy Thoughts creative and fun, they also bring out the aroma of your tasty homemade cookies.

Start using these mouth-watering cookie packaging thoughts. It’s a sure way that your cookies will be eaten instantly!

Copyright 2006 Janlia Chong

~* Janlia Chong has held onto her title as Baking Sensation because of her near endless knowledge of baking and packaging treats. Her ability to impress is one of her largest traits. What’s her trick? Simple, she takes something that sounds hard and makes it simple and fun. Follow Janlia’s advice and you’ll be busy baking treats for the entire family. Visit BakingHugs.com BakingHugs.com *~

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