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Common Terms in Bartending

There are a lot of terms that are standards in bartending. A excellent bartender, as well as an informed customer, will have familiarized himself with the different terms used.

The more common of these terms are used a lot in bars. When a drink is Clean, it means that it is a spirit consumed straight and unaccompanied. It is often called a Shooter which is a straight shot of a spirit like Whiskey. A Chaser is a mixer that is used to make a different taste. It is drunk immediately after a straight shot of liquor. A Cocktail is any alcoholic beverage that usually combines brandy, vodka, gin, or whiskey with other liquors or fruit juices and is often served chilled. A Well Drink is the opposite of a Call Drink because it is a drink made up of a mixer and liquor without a certain brand. Examples of this drink are Gin and Tonic and Rum and Coke. When a person says that he wants his drink On the Rocks, this means that the wine or liquor is poured over a glass of ice cubes. On the other hand, a Mist is a well loved after-dinner drink and is liquor served over a glass full of crushed ice, not cubes. A Tot generally means a drink with only a small amount of liquor.

Punch is a well loved party drink. It is usually prepared in a large bowl and is made of fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks, flavoring and sweeteners, with a wine or liquor base. Punch is often served in cups or glasses that accompany the punch bowl. Here, the drink is often referred to as a Cup. Negus is a drink with a punch-like combination of wine, sweetened, but heated with spices.

When a drink is termed Sour, it means that it is a small drink made of liquor, lime or lemon juice and sugar. A Collins is a sour drink served with soda water or seltzer water and is in a tall glass. A Crusta is also a sour drink where the glass is lined with an orange or lemon peel that is cut in a continuous strip. A Fix is a sour drink that is similar to the Daisy but with crushed ice and served in a large goblet.

Certain drinks have unique properties. Some are heated, served in distinct glasses, or have special textures. The Toddy is a sweet drink made of liquor, hot water and spices and is often in a tall glass. The Grog is served in a large mug and is rum-based with water, sugar and fruit juice. The Lowball is the opposite of the Highball and is a small drink of a spirit and is served with ice, soda, or water in a small glass. The Fizz is a carbonated drink and is effervescent and emits small bubbles. The Frappe is a mixture of certain fruits and ingredients served over a mound of crushed ice and are partially frozen, giving it a different feel. A Shrub is a beverage that is a mix of spirits, fruit juices and sugar that is aged in casks then bottled. Lastly, a Super Call is a certain alcohol that is high octane with high proof, aged really well or flavored versions. They are often known as “Top shelf” or “Super Premium”.

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