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Ok so you’ve bought a Bar/Restaurant you’ve been trading for 6 months and your breaking even, but not doing as well as you’d hoped. So what do you do, you spend a load of money on advertising and flyers etc. That’s all well and excellent but will it get to the people you want to target, and how many times will these people return.

Ok so what do I reckon you should do? This has worked for every business that I have consulted for. Look at how much money you were going to spend on marketing your business. We will say that you made a budget of £1000, which would get you a nice ad and flyers business card etc. What a waste of money when the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

I want you to reckon of 10 people in your area that you want to be customers, maybe a large local business owner or someone in the within a business networking group. So you have that list now reckon of 5 newspapers/local press that runs in and around your area. That should make 15 people, ok with partners that makes 30, can you see where I’m going with this.

So reckon of a night when you’re not overly busy and close for a private party, place a notice on the door sometime before the event, so as not to upset your local customers. Get your Chef to reckon of a nice 3,3,3 menu that really shows your business off, but make sure its simple for 30 people, no long waits between starter and main. Then print your invites with RSVP, try and make sure they answer a week before the event as if they can’t make it you can invite someone else.

Buy in the Food and any drink you will need, always nice for a glass of the fizzy stuff as your quests enter. Maybe you could have a cocktail bar set serving 3 excellent new cocktails on the drinks menu. Go around and meet your quest, might be an thought to place your picture on the invite, that way people will know who you are. Have a fun night with these people; you are trying to set an atmosphere that’s relaxed. Don’t get stressed go with the flow let the staff do what they know and oversee the operation, have a drink not to many though.

Make sure you have a chat to everybody; tell the press where you have been and what fantastic things you have done in the past. Before they leave and say “goodnight” and “safe trip home”, the last thing you do will be the first thing they remember, that’s why dessert should be something for then to remember.

So 30 pleased people leave your business and they talk to people about what a fantastic night they had is that not word of mouth. 5 of these people worked for the press, if that’s not got editorial written all over it I don’t know what has, and more people will read that than a small add.

How much do you reckon that cost

Food £100 approx

Drink£100 approx

Printing£50 approx

Staff you would have had to pay anyway but I’ll give you £100 as you might have to get more in, so the night goes perfectly.

Total £350

So you saved £650

I reckon you will agree that it makes since to invite instead of waiting for customers.

I hope that’s been of help.

John Stableforth


John C Stableforth has owed and run many Catering business over the past 20 years. Starting his catering as a chef he worked in London for some time, then went to be head chef and manager in France.
John has helped many people within the catering trade both in the UK and Europe with his business Complete Catering Advice

Should you wish to know more please go to completecateringadvice.co.uk completecateringadvice.co.uk
or email John at
mailto:John@completecateringadvice.co.uk John@completecateringadvice.co.uk

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