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The Benefits of Drinking any Specialty Tea

It has become much more well loved to find natural remedies in the things we eat and drink. This very much is reflected in the specialty teas we choose to drink. So many teas have medicinal properties and so people are drinking them with improving their health in mind. This is because these teas are able to improve the body’s immune system making the tea drinker more resistant to disease. But they can also help to improve a person’s memory, add to a tea drinker’s cognitive abilities and even length a person’s lifespan. It is believed that all this can happen with the consumption of the right specialty tea on a regular basis.

All teas are excellent for you because they have less than half the amount of caffeine that you get from a cup of coffee. That in itself is a health benefit. The most commonly known tea that offers medicinal benefits is green tea. It has in it antioxidants that diminish the ability of free radicals to ruin cells. This means that it improves the body’s functions. It also means that this tea helps diminish a person’s risks of developing cancer. If you drink a minimum of five cups of this specialty each daily you will also help to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure from rising. As well, this tea is known for its ability to battle the common flu, avert infections, improve the capillaries and diminish skin cancers.

Chamomile tea is known to reduce the pains during a woman’s menstrual cycle. It can also be used to relax a person and is well known for being prescribed as the thing to drink before bedtime to help a person sleep better. It also improves digestion, helps mouth sores, and gastrointestinal conditions. It can even help with jaundice and so improve liver function. Cranberry tea is known to help settle an upset stomach while peppermint tea is recognized as being able to ease the discomforts of nausea. Licorice tea will clean the colon and can treat a variety of gastric and respiratory conditions. If you are a tea drinker it is worth exploring the benefits of these specialty teas and learning which ones you might delight in drinking.

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