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Portuguese Recipes And Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine is very different from other that of other European countries, reflecting the country’s relative isolation in Europe (it is bordered only by Spain) and Portugal’s long maritime tradition – with Portuguese explorers bringing back many influences from the New World, Africa, the Far East, and the East Indies – and fish and seafood being a major and vital part of the Portuguese diet. Portuguese cuisine is particularly known for salted cod, pork, and its exciting use of spices.

Some well loved Portuguese dishes include:

- Bacalhau – salted cod – there are many different ways that this can be cooked, some say one way for each day of the year, whereas other says over 1,000.

- Caldeira – a stew consisting of a variety of different types of fish (and sometimes shellfish), together with potatoes, tomato and onion. Spices are sometimes added as well – typically nutmeg and saffron, cloves, allspice, piri-pri, or ground ginger and curry powder, depending on the region.

- In general, as noted previously, thanks to the country’s long maritime tradition, a wide variety of fish and shellfish are eaten in Portuguese cuisine. These include crabs, hake, horse mackerel (scad), lamprey, lobster, octopus, sardines (especially when grilled as sardinhas assadas), scabbard. sea bass, shrimp and squid.

- Cozido á portuguesa – a traditional rich meat stew, made with beef and pork (or sometimes chicken), cabbage, carrots, turnips, rice, potatoes and Portuguese smoked sausages.

- Pastéis de nata – small creamy tarts, originally from Lisbon, but now well loved throughout Portugal, as well as former Portuguese colonies.

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