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Green Tea Side Effects Outweighed by Benefits

The longstanding tradition of using green tea has been an alternative approach for some people who prefer the natural way of enhancing the functions of their body. But, herbs contain active components that can bring about negative side effects and may cause adverse outcomes when used together with other herbs, supplements or drugs. Below are some of the well-known green tea side effects and the various factors that make the benefits far outweigh the negative effects.

One of the most commonly recognized green tea side effects is insomnia. Since green tea contains caffeine, it stimulates the central nervous system and causes sleeplessness. Aside from this, caffeine also acts as a diuretic and can aggravate urge incontinence, increases the production of stomach acid, causes constipation due to the tannin component in tea, increases heart rate and blood pressure, and increases blood sugar levels.

Less serious green tea side effects have also been reported with the consumption of the beverage. These include the following heartburn; upset stomach; loss of appetite; constipation or diarrhea; nervousness, irritability, or anxiety; and headache.

High doses can also cause severe green tea side effects like caffeine toxicity. Prolonged consumption can also be habit-forming and can lead to tolerance and psychological independence. Abruptly quitting green tea consumption can likewise lead to withdrawal symptoms.

While all these green tea side effects are attributed to the drink’s caffeine content, the fact is that the caffeine count in green tea is substantially lower compared to coffee and other types of teas. Experts are one in saying that to avoid the various side effects, green tea must be consumed in moderation. Also, most of the green tea side effects that are not considered severe can be avoided by adding milk to tea to reduce the potency of tannins.

Despite all the negative consequences that are associated with drinking green tea, there are a lot more reasons why many people still stand by the efficacy of the brew. Some of the extremely vital and well-recognized benefits of green tea include the following:

· May help prevent certain types of cancera
· Reduces the risk of heart diseases
· Helps strengthen blood vessels that sends oxygen and valuable nutrients to the heart and brain
· Lowers total cholesterol levels and improves the ratio between the excellent and the terrible cholesterol
· Safer and more effective alternative to other weight loss products
· Promotes weight loss by increasing metabolism without overstimulating the adrenal glands
· Potential cure to obesity

All these positive aspects can make one safely say that the benefits of green tea indeed prevail over green tea side effects. This is especially right when you consider that the side effects can be avoided by drinking green tea with restraint.

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