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The tea industry is the largest beverage industry in the world as the tea is world’ most well loved drink. A cup of tea is all it takes to freshen up the mood and get it going! But, it is a general trend that when one industry flourishes, the demand for associated products also increase. Therefore, the tea accessories are also very vital.

What do tea accessories mean?

Tea accessories are the products that go along with the making brewing and drinking tea. Different countries brew and delight in different kinds of tea. The tea has different taste. Therefore, the accessories associated with tea will naturally be different. The Chinese have a more traditional way of having tea. On the other hand, the European countries and USA have a modern approach to tea drinking. Naturally, their needs will be different.

What are the tea accessories?

The various tea accessories can be tea pots, cups, saucers, tea infuser, brewers and strainers, tea spoons, sugars, milk, storage containers, iced tea pitchers and certainly the tea bags.

The more traditional Chinese have Yixing pots and Gung fu cha tools like gaiwans and coasters. The Japanese who drink the matcha tea have matcha tea accessories like bamboo whisks, wooden spoons and ceramic bowls.

In India, which primarily has black tea prepared with milk and sugar, the essential tea accessories are glass or plastic tea cups, glass or plastic saucers, stainless steel spoons, tea bags and tea pots.

In USA which prefer canned tea or iced tea, the accessories can be pitchers for keeping ice tea, ice pack and cans.

Even books which has information on tea which are loved by tea lovers can be looked upon as a tea accessory. While enjoying tea, we generally have snacks accompany them without which tea time is not complete. These accessories include biscuits, cakes, sandwiches, bread and butter, Indian samosas etc.

Price ranges of tea accessories

Since we are talking of tea accessories here, naturally question arises as to the prices of these products. Many of them are costly and do not satisfy our budget. But, we still need to have a honest thought of the accessories that can be bought. After all, what is a tea time without the tea accessories!

Tea cups and saucers – There are made of plastic glass or even can be wooden. Wooden products are costlier as wood products are not easily available owing to regulation by governments on cutting down teas. Therefore, most people prefer plastic or glass cups.

A normal glass/porcelain tea cup set will cost approximately $5. But if someone prefers the gaiwan set of the Chinese, then the price will be around $25-$30. This is because traditional sets are costly.

The teapots can be from as low as $30 to as high as $150. The lower priced ones are basic versions that allow for preservation of tea. The higher priced models are unbreakable Chinese pots. Tea brewers and tea strainers help in giving fine taste to the tea. It is usually a simple process. The products that fall in this category are, tea filters, pitchers, tea bags, and strainers. The prices of tea filters range from $5-$25. The most basic ones are paper filters and the costlier ones are made of ceramic. Tea strainers fall in the range of $15-$20. The tea bags are very cheap with prices of only $2-$4 depending on the company and the make. Canisters or storage containers are used to keep the loose tea. The prices are $20-$30. In addition to these, there are books for accompanying tea lovers. Snacks also assort tea. Depending on personal preferences and also which tea accessories, the prices can vary.

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