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Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever wondered how clean the carpet is in the restaurants where you eat? It makes you wonder how often they need to clean their carpets. Just reckon about how many people travel across those floors in a day and all the servers walking back and forth spilling drinks as they fill your glass. Not to mention all the plates of food they drop. Well, have you thought about how often they clean their carpet?

I know what you may be thinking… it all depends on how much business they have. I have been a commercial carpet cleaner for fourteen years, and believe me I know.


Let’s compare your house against restaurants, simple enough. The carpet manufacturers say you should clean your carpet in your house every six months for your health. Wow! I bet that was a shocker. Ok, that gives us a number to work with. Say you have four people living in your home that leave and come back five times a day. That equals twenty people a day entering your doorway. Now times that by thirty (now I’m testing your math skills). That equals six hundred people walking through you door a month. That is three thousand six hundred people in six months walking in your door.

Now let’s compare this to a restaurant, say a buffet, I know you have been to one of these. They have an average of four thousand guests a week. Now, we will do the math, which comes to about five hundred seventy two people a day. This leads me to believe that restaurants should clean their carpet every week, and not the standard once a month. That is right, most restaurants clean ONCE A MONTH for your health. Keep that in mind the next time you eat at your favorite restaurant.

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