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6 Ways To Store Food Safely

A lot of care needs to be taken when storing different foods as different foods have a variety of storage requirements to prevent bacteria from cultivating and cross contamination. Below are a few tips to protect you, your family and your friends.

Storing Vegetables and Fruit

1. Vegetables should be stored at the bottom of your fridge, in a separate compartment known as the vegetable crisper, but, you should keep potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and garlic in a cool, dark and well aired place other than your fridge, tomatoes on the other hand are juicier when left out, but when tomatoes are being used any left over should be chilled

2. Apples and berries are best kept out of the fridge do this for a riper and juicier fruit, summer fruits, melons and grapes should also sit at room temperature until they are ripe.

3. Citrus fruits are excellent at room temp unless its a warm day, in which case, its best to have t hem in the fridge. Bananas should be ideally kept in the fridge to keep longevity.

Storing Dairy Products

4. Always check the date on any dairy produce, especially milk, a simple guide line to follow is not buy milk if it expires in 2-3 days. Milk starts smelling just before its expiry date even if its kept in the fridge. A wee tip to reckon about is to always grab the milk from the back.

Storing Frozen Foods

5. Pack all your frozen foods neatly in the freezer so there is plenty of room for the door to close. If any food defrosts on the way home never ever refreeze to do this is you run the risk of cultivating bacteria. Keep the food frozen until needed to maintain quality, as bacteria will start to multiply when the food is thawed.

Storing Meat Products

6. Fresh meat such as chicken and fish always carry some bacteria so it is very vital that these foods are always kept as cold as possible. Bacterial growth slows down in the cooler temperatures, when the heat increases the bacteria multiplies exponentially, cooking food properly kills bacteria. Store meat, fish and chicken in the coldest part of the fridge. It is very vital that raw and cooked meat or fish are stored in completely different parts of the fridge to prevent cross contamination and raw food should be kept as close to the bottom of the fridge as possible so that anything leakage or spillage does not contaminate any other food

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