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Watermelons – The Tasty Way To Health!

It is really hard to resist the temptation of sweet, ripe watermelon, but its not just the taste but there are more than one reasons to get attracted by this wonderful juicy fruit. Do you know watermelon has enormous health benefits?

Nutritionists have been educating people about watermelon’s health benefits for a long time now. Recently, American Heart Association has endorsed their view by recognizing watermelon’s nutritional properties with the “heart healthy” seal of approval.

With advanced research more and more nutritional properties and health benefits of watermelons are being explored. Watermelons contain the maximum concentration of Lycopene, the most potent carotenoid antioxidant. Lycopene is a bright red pigment, a phytochemical found predominantly in watermelons, tomatoes and some other red fruits. But, not all red fruits carry Lycopene, the red color in cherries and strawberries is from a water soluble pigment called Anthocyanin that is no way related to Lycopene.

The red color in watermelon comes from Lycopene. Studies show that regular intake of watermelon or other Lycopene rich vegetables and fruits reduce the risk of prostrate cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The Lycopene content in watermelon helps to reduce risk of prostrate cancer.

In a research conducted in 1955 at Harvard University, it was found that eating at least 10 or more serving a week of tomato products reduced risk of prostrate cancer by as much as 34 percent. When the prostrate tissue of the men subject for study was examined, it was noticed that the growth of cancer cells has considerably reduced.

In current studies conducted, it has been declared that men who have the highest amount of Lycopene in their body have lesser possibility of suffering a heart attack compared to people with low Lycopene content.

A rich juicy watermelon is an brilliant source of multivitamin. A 2-cup serving of watermelon would contain excellent amount of Vitamin A, B6 and C. Vitamin A in watermelon helps prevent night blindness and boosts immunity by enhancing infection-fighting action in lymphocytes.

Vitamin B6 found in watermelons is extremely useful in manufacturing brain chemicals and also helps cope with anxiety and panic. Vitamin C is also instrumental in boosting the body immune system and also deters aging and conditions such as cataract. Watermelon also provides minimal amount of Potassium.

With all these health benefits and the fantastic taste that watermelon offers, it is often an simple choice for parents for their kid’s nutrition. Also the wide variety and myriad of recipes in which sundiacorp.com/ watermelon can be used is just incredible! Multinationals like Sundia Corporation are making it all the more well loved and simpler to eat watermelons with their wide distribution network as well as meticulous specification about quality. So, next time if you are looking for a health snack or a fruity delight, reckon Watermelons!

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