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Caviar: A Few Notices, Curiosities And Some Advice For Tasting It (Part B)

A few notices, curiosities and some advice for tasting caviar a delicacy originating in Russia but nowadays imitated and produced nearly everywhere (Part 2).

There are numerous kinds of jars and tins of caviar, the most well known being Beluga (blue tin), whose grey eggs are appraised by clarity, the clearest being of highest value (000 clear grey, 00 medium grey, 0 dark grey). Next is Osetra (yellow tin), the eggs are also grey but smaller than Beluga, with a nutty flavour. A highly refined type of Osetra is also known as Golden Royal and was prized by Russian czars. Karaburun eggs vary in colour from amber-yellow to greyish yellow. Finally, the most common and least expensive type, while tasty nonetheless when fresh and authentic, is Sevruga (red tin). It is always preferable to select your confections behind glass, so as to be able to verify its quality (shine, colour, consistency), as well as the expiration date.

The flavour of caviar is fine, delicate, rich of tonality, with a precise aroma, and probably among the best of gourmet food. For this reason, the best way to taste caviar is to eat it alone, possibly after being chilled on ice in its container, opened just before eating. For the best taste, use a non-metallic teaspoon made of something like bone or nacre. Above all else it must be tasted without lemon, which alters its real flavour! An elegant coupling with the four caviar varieties can be realized using whipped butter with vodka, minced scallion (sweetened in water), minced hard-boiled egg (yellow and white).

Carefully spread caviar on thin slices of lightly toasted and buttered bread. Warm blinis (Russian crepes), spread with whipped cream, are also particularly excellent accompaniment.

To top it all off, a glass of ice-cold vodka, making sure to drink it only at the end in order to avoid numbing the palate while tasting the caviar.

If you do not like caviar at all, at least try eggplant caviar, which is nothing more than a mash of eggplant pulp!

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