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The History of Coffee

Although the accuracy of how coffee was learned has never been verified, history tells us a tale of a sheepherder who uncovered the effects of coffee while tending his sheep.

The sheepherder had begun to notice that when his sheep ate a certain type of berry off a plant they became very active so the man tried it himself and he too felt similar effects.

Part of the legend even stats that there was a monk involved also who told the man to be careful with the devil’s fruit. But, it is also said that the monks also use the fruit to stay awake and pray.

But that’s not the only tale out there for the birth of coffee, there is also a wide spread legend that proclaims of an Arabian man who was banished to the desert.

The only reason the man was able to survive was because of the unknown plant that he had boiled and ate. Residents of a near by town seen the survival as a sign from god and the plant became known as Mocha after this small town.

Did you know that coffee plants originally only grew in Ethiopia? The Ethiopians use to wrap it up in animal stout and eat it while out on raids.

From there the plant was transported to Arabia where it grew and then they controlled the market for it. The Turks then became the first to really drink the coffee. They liked to use cinnamon and clove for a sweeter taste.

Coffee then soon found its way into Europe via the Venetian trade merchants. Tales about the fantastic taste of coffee started to spread across the land. While the Arab’s kept an even tighter grip on the coffee plants.

Because of this Christian’s started claiming that coffee was the devil’s drink just like in the monk tale. But Pope Vincent III chose to still give it a shot and tasted the coffee drink. After that all of the talks about banishing the coffee just disappeared.

Not long after that coffee houses started springing up all across Europe. These coffee houses became a very well loved place to hang out and share a cup of coffee with friends.

In the 1700′s coffee was introduced to America when a French Infantry Captain took a small plant with him. That one plant was then cultivated and turned into 19 million different coffee trees within just 50 years. Coffee was named the national drink of the United States in order to protest the high taxes on Britain’s tea.

And now millions of people are enjoying a fresh cup of hot coffee throughout there days. Coffee is now available in many different brands and flavors. You get your choice between ground coffee or buying the beans and there are even a wide variety of gourmet coffees to choose from.

Go ahead and grab a cup of fresh coffee now… delight in.

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