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Chicken Fried Steak

For those who happen to delight in an unusual cross of flavors and styles, chicken fried steak is something to be experienced. A cross between the classic taste of steak and the simple joys of fried chicken, this increasingly well loved method of cooking steak is a wonderfully memorable mix of different flavors. Casual, yet dignified, it is a meal that distinguishes itself with its flexibility and accessible nature. Which makes chicken fried steak the type of meal that can fit a variety of occasions.

Cooking chicken fried steak is not too hard to make. All it requires is a steak, breadcrumbs, oil and a skillet or deep fryer. Simply cover the steak in breadcrumbs, heat the oil in the skillet or deep fryer, and cook the steak until it is done. If it is being made in a skillet, it needs to be flipped every couple of minutes but, otherwise, there is small that needs to be done until the steak is done cooking.

It is very rare for chicken fried steak to be made from a top quality cut of beef. After all, the steak is not being expected to stand entirely on its own, so it is not vital that it be perfect. Additionally, the frying of the steak has a tenderizing effect on the meat, which also permits a slightly lower quality cut of meat to be used. Obviously, there is a limit, but chicken fried steak is more forgiving than steak on the grill.

The part that really makes the difference in chicken fried steak is the mix of spices that are added to the breadcrumbs. These spices are the savor that truly makes the difference in the taste of the steak and makes it distinctive on the palate. By blending just the right combination of flavors, chicken fried steak can come into its own and really shine. But to get the best blend of spices, the best thing anyone can do is experiment. After all, there is only one person who will always be there to judge the results, and that is the person who cooks it. So any cook who wants to master chicken fried steak would be well-served to try a few new things, take a few notes, and figure out just how to make it just right.

No matter how you make chicken fried steak, it is nearly always a welcome addition to the menu. Whether for dinner after work, a Sunday brunch, a picnic, or a get-together with friends, chicken fried steak can be a fun addition to the menu. Unusual, yet familiar, it is a meal that is simple to delight in and always welcome.

Though it has only recently joined the mainstream, chicken fried steak is an increasingly well loved meal both at home and when going out to eat. A distinctive blend of different flavors, it is a meal that is starting to receive its proper due as a dish that is well worth the effort. So give chicken fried steak a try and see why it is becoming the new recipe of choice for people who like steak.

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