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The home espresso maker was invented at the beginning of this century. Home espresso makers are much simpler to use and cheaper than commercial and semi-commercial espresso makers. There are two kinds of machines which are used as home espresso makers: the pump driven types and the steam driven types.

The earliest machine used hot water driven by steam to force through the coffee grounds. The machines later used mechanical advantages like a spring and lever.

Over time, the lever and spring were let go and replaced with electronic mechanical pumps. Its action produces a vacuum and draws water from a reservoir. A head of pressure develops as the water is forced from the other end of the vacuum. This pressure later dumps the water either through a boiler or a thermo-block.

The final product is then forced through a mound of tightly packed grounds. Espresso is the oil, flavor and aromas of the beans.

The stove top espresso machine is perfect for home use. Relatively cheap and simpler to use than the other automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines, it forms the perfect option for the ones who have just stepped into the aromatic world of espresso.

Another machine used widely for making espresso is the steam-driven-espresso machine. In the steam driven espresso machine, a boiling chamber is used to heat the water. The steam made forces the water into the bed of the coffee beans.

The stove top espresso machine consists of a basket, a base, a basket screen and a collection chamber. Though it takes a comparatively longer time than automatic espresso makers to prepare espresso in the stove top espresso, the quality and consistency is one of the best.

Other than the stove top espresso machine, the automatic espresso machine is becoming more and more common in households. The espresso they produce is more consistent and the machines do not require as much fine tuning as the other versions of espresso making machines. The automatic espresso machines have a flow meter installed, which cuts the ‘shot’ automatically when the pre-programmed level of water is reached.

There are various kinds of automatic espresso machines available in the market.

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