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Indigestion and Food Poisoning

Food poisoning has become a way of life for those that delight in the taste of new types of food. The excellent chances of getting indigestion does not prevent them from searching for exotic restaurants where they can devour large quantities of weird and tasty food. Until severe food poisoning occurs and a hospital stay is had, the experimental eater will continue playing roulette with new types of food.

The animals in the forest and the fish in the sea know the meaning of food poisoning very well. There is a large variety of food in the forests and in the sea, it is much larger then the variety we have in our supermarkets, but animals and fish will eat only food that they are accustomed too. Nature has provided them with that wisdom, and few break nature’s rules. If they do they will surely get sick or die. The only species that disobeys natures command to eat food that is customary is the human species. Is it any wonder that they often get indigestion and many times die?

Arsenic is a deadly poison, if taken in sufficient amounts it will kill you in a matter of minutes. It is a favorite poison of those attempting suicide. Yet there were millions of people in the 18th century who used arsenic to make rosy cheeks, and it worked perfectly. Its users started out with small amounts and gradually increased its usage; the body became familiar with the drug and accepted what could otherwise be a deadly poison. Only when the new cosmetics called red rouge became well loved did the use of arsenic as a cosmetic decline

The wisdom of the arsenic eaters gives us the answer to the question: How can we avoid indigestion or food poisoning? If you choose to take a small break from customary food, and want to avoid the chances of getting deathly sick, eat new food only in small parts. Give the body a chance to build up immunity to what could be poison. If arsenic didn’t kill the arsenic eaters because they started out with a small amount, neither will small amounts of new types of food kill you. Dietary wisdom, and understanding the eating habits of the wild, will prevent indigestion.

The department of health was formed to protect people from poisoning themselves. Without their protection we would not know what products were properly refrigerated, and what products were safe to eat. But they never warn us that a meal of food that is unfamiliar to the body can kill you. I propose warning signs be place up in restaurants to that effect. Food poisoning is serious business; a case of indigestion will give you that message.

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