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Delights Of The Darker Kind

Picture this. A slab. A slab of frozen chocolate. A slab of frozen dark chocolate.


Pure ecstasy, you say? I couldn’t agree with you more!

And for those of you who are saying “Uh-uh…” well, you’ll be excused. Most of us start of with milk chocolate, but once the teeth nibble into a brown bar of delight, switching over to the dark side is inevitable. So read on and maybe you’ll join the growing list of converts.

For the slaves of the dark lord, the milks, the whites, the covertures, the mints, the oranges, and what-have-yous, are nothing small of sacrilege.

How can anything else substitute, or even compare to, the taste of the deep brown, deliciously bitter, unadulterated cocoa melting slowly in your mouth…

0% milk, 15% choco liquor, 100% bliss

A chocolate is typically made of cocoa, concentrated chocolate liquor, cocoa solids, cocoa butter, milk, sugar, and other additives like dried fruits, rice crisps, peanuts, mint, orange etc.

Dark chocolate has nada milk, at least a 15% chocolate liquor (unsweetened cocoa), and 35% cocoa solids. Sugar is minimal, usually absent. Zero flavoring additives.

And pure, unadulterated cocoa indulgence.

A bar a day, makes you healthier, they say…

It’s right! Dark chocolate really has incredible heath benefits!

It is high in anti-oxidants. It lowers blood-pressure.

It’s excellent for your heart. Death due to heart diseases is significantly lowered, as it helps prevent blood clots.

Dark chocolate has a high level of flavanoids, it is higher than even green tea. These flavanoids defend against free-radicals, and thus help prevent cancer.

And you can bid excellent-bye to acne and cavities, two dreaded “side-effects” of eating chocolate. Turns out that it’s the milk in the chocolate which causes these twin terrors. And dark chocolate, as you know, has no milk…A-Ah!

Instant nirvana

Heath benefits apart, we dark-bar doters, indulge, purely for the high.

Research proves that dark chocolate generates seratonin in the brain. This is same chemical our brain generates when we’re in like!

So, that “I’m on the top of the world…” feeling wasn’t imagined after all!

Well I’m off…have a date with this tall, dark and sinfully tasty bar of bitter…

…just what the doc ordered!




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