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Green Tea for Healthy Living!

For many people, tea is a daily ritual in their lives. Did you know that tea is the most consumed liquid in the word after water? There are many reasons why tea is so well loved. Health reasons seems to be at the top of the list. Scientific studies have shown that tea is excellent for you and benefits your body in many ways. Tea is high in things like flavonoids and antioxidants like EGCG that protect your body’s cells. While all tea is excellent for you green tea is Really excellent for you. Green tea has many healthy benefits and unlike coffee, contains a very low level of caffeine. Green tea is the best source of catechins and among other things, is fantastic for your skin.

Green Tea is made a very common tea plant called Camellia Sinensis. In China, green tea is produced from un-oxidised leaves that are heated, rolled and dried. The more common way of making Green Tea is to steam fresh tea leaves then heat dry them. With all the benefits of Green Tea and Miraculous claims of it’s users like “Green Tea prevents heart disease, Green Tea Cures Cancer”, etc; the FDA finally issued a letter in response to a claim that consumption of green tea helps to cure variety of cancers that basically stated that while there is lack of documentation for green tea as a treatment for cancer, it has been shown that Green Tea Extract kills leukemia cells. Green Tea Extract (GTE) is a concentrated form of the agents in tea that are excellent for the body. This GTE is sold and used for many purposes and is helpful to the body in many ways. Some companies have also marketed GTE as the latest and fastest way to lose weight. Initial findings have shown that GTE shows real promise in obese women.

Weather you are looking for the next miracle cure for what ails you, or you just plain like to drink tea, remember that finding all the best varieties is just a click away today! So many consumers now order their tea directly from the source over the Internet. Don’t believe everything you hear or read and always trust your doctor when it comes to treatments for your health issues.

This article was written by Kriss Standke who is an accomplished Webmaster and publisher of order-tea-online.info Order Tea Online as well as alternative-medicine-online.info Alternative Medicine Online, where he provides detailed and informative articles, tips, and advice on the many benefits of drinking Tea and where to order it online!

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