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There really is no getting away from artificial flavoring. The last I heard, they were using artificial colors to turn processed ham pink. Being in the pink of health bought a new meaning with that revelation. Should we really steer clear of artificial foods and flavors in all their forms? For years we have been hearing complaints about the deteriorating quality of the food we eat. Most often, this deterioration has been attributed to their chemical content. This raises one question: is it possible to live life in a completely organic way?

A few years ago it may not have been possible to go completely organic. But, these days we have access to stores that specialize in organic food. We do not need to keep on slowly poisoning ourselves. An organic diet is far more nutritious than the diets that we have been depending upon for decades now. One of the factors that add to the nutrient value of organic foods is the fact that these are completely natural. Organic foods represent a return to Mother Nature and a repudiation of the hundreds of chemicals that have been poisoning our foods since the start of the factory system.

The proponents of organic food claim that nothing could taste more tasty. Moreover, the fact that organic food is completely free of chemicals suggests that it is healthier. Cattle that are raised in the organic way are less likely to have been fed all sorts of chemicals. Hence, one can assume that dairy products made from their milk will be significantly healthier. It is stated that vegetables and fruits that are grown on organic farms are healthier as they contain far more nutrients than are contained in veggies that are intensively farmed.

There are many benefits to going the organic way. Organic farming is far less harmful to our environment. In this day and age, when the environment is under grave threats from all quarters, even a small step towards incorporating its well-being into our lifestyle should be appreciated. As a result of its non-reliance on chemical fertilizers, the farm hands on organic farms are less likely to suffer health problems. The respiratory diseases that strike workers on the conventional farms are quite rare among those on organic ones.

But, are we really ready to go natural in a huge way? Organic food usually costs significantly more than the food grown on conventional farms. Are we willing to add to our expenses by going completely organic? Now, that is the question we should be asking ourselves.

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