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How to Select the Best Espresso Machine

First of all, what is this beverage called espresso? The word espresso itself is derived
from the Italian word meaning express. This is because espresso is ordered by and
delivered quickly to the customer. A excellent espresso must taste sweet with a strong aroma
whose flavor is like freshly ground coffee.

The wonders of science have made it possible for people to make their own espresso using
espresso machines at home – instead of having to visit commercial coffee houses for it.
Before, coffee houses employed professional baristas to brew each and every cup of coffee
for their customers. Now, people can just buy an espresso machine to delight in
their own coffee at their convenience.

How does one select the best espresso machine for their purposes? Ideally, consumers
should test-run each espresso machine and judge every one based on taste, build-quality,
features, and ease of use. But, since this is not practical, consumers can rely on
testimonials from their friends or turn to the reviews published by reputable coffee
afficionado magazines. They can also go around the stores and window-shop, asking
pertinent questions from the salespeople in order to make the best buy.

How does an espresso machine work? An espresso machine shoots out water that is 90 degrees
Centigrade hot (or at a temperature equal to 195 degrees Fahrenheit) using 9 bar of
pressure into a puck of freshly ground coffee. The oils in the finely ground coffee are
thus extracted and emulsified to make a rich, nearly syrupy liquid.

Ideally, a machine can churn out a double shot of espresso within 20 to 25 seconds from
when its pump is initially switched on. The amount of time necessary can be adjusted by
putting in coffee that is either of a finer or coarser blend. Or you can change the
tamping pressure.

Certain espresso machines are combination machines that rely on a steam wand to make
milk-based espresso beverages like the latte and cappucino. The machine steams and froths
milk to produce these drinks.

The different kinds of espresso machines are called the pump-driven espresso machine,
piston-driven espresso machine, steam espresso machine, stovetop espresso machine,
automatic espresso maker and lastly the super automatic espresso maker.

The key to excellent espresso is using an brilliant espresso blend. Coffees must be specially
blended to produce the smoothness, aromatics and sweetness inherent in excellent espresso.
But, the blend should be freshly ground and brewed within four days from roasting.

Another element of excellent espresso making is that the espresso must be roasted light so
that its sugars and aroma will not be lost. Darkly-roasted espresso produces a bitter
liquid that tastes like charcoal.

You must filter water used for brewing since if the water tastes weird it can affect the
final outcome of brewing.

Make sure that the espresso machine you choose can maintain water temperature between
92 to 96 degrees Centigrade to assure a consistent espresso.

Many machines are made to be as simple to clean up as a standard coffee machine.

So there’s no reason to feel intimidated about buying your own espresso machine. Clearly,
the benefits do outweigh the difficulties.

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