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Start A Wine Tasting Business For Thrills, Spills, And Lots Of Money

If you want to make money at home working only a few hours a week, start a wine tasting business. This small-known home business is thoroughly enjoyable and packs a wallop when it comes to earning money. The kind of money you can make is up to you. But, consider this – for just 4 hours a week, you can bring home about US$31,200 a year. If you double your hours, you can double that take-home pay.

Here are three steps to help you make money in this home-based business:

1) Getting Started

Before you get started, check out the possibilities for wine tastings in your area. Wine tastings are usually held on weekends in private homes and clubs and at special events everywhere. They are seldom held in a restaurant. The host organizes the tasting and pays you for your service.

The current rates are $150 an hour for parties up to 20 people. Over that number, rates are negotiable. For large parties you may need to hire helpers. Include the amount you pay them in your hourly rate.

Advertise your business in the local paper. Pay a visit to clubs such as the Kiwanis Club and country clubs in your area. Be sure to speak to the manager and leave your brochure. Teach an adult education class about wine. Air a radio ad at night on the local stations.

2) On the Job

Prepare for the tasting by meeting with the host. He or she supplies the wine, food and glasses. The host also arranges for the white tablecloths, small paper spitting cups for the guests and several urns to empty the cups into.

For 20 guests, there should be about 30 bottles of wine. This includes six different types of wine with five bottles of each type.

For a party of up to 20 guests, you can work from a long table and have the guests seated opposite you. For larger groups, the host should set up tables.

During the tasting, guests sample a particular wine from their glass. Fill the glass a quarter to a third full. Guests tip the glass away from them and examine the wine’s color against the white tablecloth. They sniff the wine’s aroma, take a sip and swirl it around in their mouth before spitting it into their paper cup. They then empty the cup into an urn.

Talk about the wine and where it comes from. Bring various corkscrews with you to show guests. Demonstrate how to decant wine with a decanter and candle.

3) After the Wine Tasting

Following the wine tasting, allow for questions. Here are some common questions followed by answers:

Q: What makes red wine red?
A: Red wine includes the skins, seeds and stems of the grape which turn the wine red.

Q: Why do you decant wine?
A: To check that the wine is clear and without settled particles.

Q: How can you tell a excellent corkscrew?
A: The most vital part of the corkscrew is the “worm” or spiral. The worm should be hollow and have 4-5 spirals. The deeper the worm enters the cork the less likely it will break.

Q: Which is the most expensive corkscrew?
A: One made by Forge de Laguiole of France is the best. It lasts the longest but costs $150 to $190.

Q: Why are they using screwcaps today instead of corks?
A: Screwcaps shut oxygen out of the wine which is what you want because oxygen causes wine to spoil.

Q: Why is aged wine better?
Aging wine dulls the fruity flavor and leaves a more earthy tasting wine. At least 95% of wine does not need to be aged.

Q: Which wines go with which food?
Port is a heavy wine and goes well with dessert or alone.
Merlot is a light wine and is tasty with a meal of chicken and salad.
Cabernet is a small heavier than Merlot and goes well with steak, lamb, and pork.
Pinot noir is a very light wine and is brilliant with turkey, chicken, and duck.
Beaujolais is a fruity, light wine and is excellent with fowl or dessert or alone.

Once word gets out about your wine tasting business, you may find yourself booked for many weekends. Start a wine tasting business now – before everyone else finds out how much fun it is and the amount of money you can make.

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