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Cuisine – What is It?

Cuisine – it’s a very fancy word, but it is rather hard to place a finger on the actual definition. Traditionally, cuisine is used to describe the food of a particular region of the world. Cuisine is, but, much more than just the food.

Dictionary.com defines cuisine simply as “a style or quality of cooking”. Obviously, this is not a very excellent definition either. Wikipedia.com has a much more complete description: “a specific set of cooking traditions and practice, often associated with a place of origin.” Although, this is a much more satisfying definition of cuisine, it still does not quite do the trick.

Cuisine, is, in fact, one of those words that cannot be completely described in a concise dictionary manner. To truly know any cuisine, one must experience it rather than describe it in words. How does one define French or Italian cuisine in a single sentence? You don’t, plain and simply. Cuisine is much like a language in that you can never fully know it until you have lived it. Even those who spend years learning about a language or a cuisine in school still do no truly know. It is not until you experience a cuisine, or immerse yourself in it, that you can truly define it.

The reason that cuisine is so hard to define is that it is so much more than food. Cuisine involves food, cooking, drinking, culture, and tradition just to name a few things. The way food is prepared within a culture or tradition can be radically different than one experiences within his or her own country or region. In essence, cuisine is culture as expressed through that culture’s food and eating traditions.

The next time you dig into a huge plate of spaghetti, or order that plate of curry at your favorite Indian restaurant, reckon about the traditions and culture behind the development of that delectable meal. Understanding and appreciating a cuisine can greatly enhance the enjoyment you experience with each meal. You might even reckon twice before trying to eat your chow mein with a fork!

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