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Coffee Drink Recipes From Around The World

Coffee is the second most imported commodity in today’s world, right behind petroleum. This beverage has become so well loved that many coffee-derivative drinks have been produced and consumed for years. Below are a few common coffee drink recipes.

The first drink would, of course, be coffee. Grown all around the world but especially in Ethiopia, the Middle East, Columbia and Brazil, coffee seeds are harvested, dried, and then roasted. The process in preparation is complex, but the coffee drink recipe for coffee is simple: Coffee beans, consisting of caffeine and a variety of oils indigenous to the particular environment in which the beans are harvested.

One coffee drink, called “Ca Phe Sua,” well loved in Vietnam comes in two variations “Ca Phe Sua Da” (“coffee, milk, and ice”) and “Ca Phe Sua Nong” (coffee and milk hot”). The coffee drink recipe for the first consists of the simple process of blending dark French Roast with a quarter to half percent of condensed milk and then pouring, through a small drip filter, over ice. The coffee drink recipe for the second is similar, but ice is withheld, leaving only hot “Ca Phe Sua.”

The well-known and widely consumed Espresso, invented and developed in Italy and well loved all over Europe, has a wide array of coffee drink recipes. Only a couple of them are described here.

A formal Italian Espresso is made by forcing moderately hot water through high pressure (nine to ten atmospheres, or bars) into extremely fine-ground coffee to make a drink thicker in consistency than regular coffee and composed of a variety of vegetable oils, proteins, sugars, and reddish-brown foam called Crema.

Espresso has very small water. The coffee drink recipe for Caffe’ Americano (“American Coffee”), an American version of Espresso, has a higher degree of water and is made similar to the drip-brew fashion.

The coffee drink recipe for Latte (Italian for “milk”) is a simple one: “Café a Latte, meaning “Coffee and Milk,” consists of one-third Espresso and two-thirds steamed milk, poured together simultaneously into either side of the drinking cup. Café’ Lattes typically have foam floating on top.

The Frappaccino is a well loved drink sold by the Starbucks coffee chain. This coffee drink recipe is as follows: one-part soluble coffee is blended with water, which in turn is mixed with a one-part proprietary liquid comprised of milk, sugar substances, and caramel flavoring and then finally with ice. A Frappaccino has a milkshake consistency, a strong coffee flavor, and is chilled before drinking.

All of these and many other coffee drink recipes are available on the Internet or in various recipe books. For those who like coffee, these coffee drink recipes will leave mouths watering!

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