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Barbecue Cooking – Old And Fun Way To Cook Meat

Barbecue is man’s oldest method of cooking food. It started with some prehistoric man and women who wandered up on the remains of some animals which was a victim of wildfire. It was better than raw meat. That is how cooking in a barbecue evolved.

Today, the art of barbecuing has evolved into three basic methods. The most well loved method of cooking food in a barbecue is grilling. In the next method, the food is dry cooked by the heat of the smoke. The last method involves cooking food in a fire of coal, wood, propane gas or any other similar gas, usually with the sauce applied.

Barbecue is usually cooked in an outdoor environment. Without using any of barbecue appliances, barbecue can be prepared by making a pit in the ground to contain the fire and using a grate, grill or a platform of sticks that holds the meat or other food that is being prepared. A suitable cover will be enough to contain the smoke and heat. This is a slow method of cooking, but it retains the natural, flavorful juice that keeps the meat moist and tender.

Barbecuing can be done at a higher temperature also. But be sure not to burn the outside of the meat. Meat of any sort gets really tough when it is overcooked. When smoking meat for an hour or so at high temperature, wrap the meat tightly in a foil, to reduce the cooking time. Whatever the temperature used, a basting sauce also known as “mop sauce” or “finishing sauce,” should be applied to the meat in the last fifteen to thirty minutes of cooking.

The mop sauce is applied to the meat with a brush or small rag mop at intervals during the cooking process. A excellent indicator to apply mop is when the meat starts to appear dry on the surface. Mop sauce with non-tomato and non-sugar should be used because tomato and sugar will make the meat bitter.

Barbecuing any meat is at the discretion of the individual cook. The place where one lives has a lot to do with the meat in favor. In Texas, the meat of choice is brisket. It is boneless and usually very fatty which imparts that tasty flavor.

Basic mop sauce for barbecue is very simple to prepare. One pint of water, half lime juice, salt and butter will make up a mop sauce. Keeping this as base, one can prepare one’s own mop sauce by adding onion, garlic and other favorite spices of their choice.

Apart from preparing non-vegetarian food, vegetarian foods can also be prepared. Vegetarians can also delight in barbecues. Vegetarians can cook some of the shop-bought veggie burgers or sausages.

Barbecue cooking can be healthier and safer when the meat is seared or slow-cooked at a low temperature. If the temperature is very high, carcinogens are more likely to be formed in the meats. Consuming this will lead to cancer.

When smoke hits the bare meat, proteins are transformed into benzopyrenes, which are carcinogens. If the meat is well coated with barbecue sauce before barbecuing, it will protect the outer layer of meat from changing in character. So learn barbecue cooking the right way and stay healthy.

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