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Frothing Milk: The Perfect Topping on a Latte or Cappuccino

Frothing Milk gives a latte or cappuccino its sweet milky top. Getting this right brings the final touch to a fantastic cup of coffee. It also gives you budding barista’s a chance to practice and show off your artistic talents. Yes I’m talking about latte art. While not an indication of excellent milk (you could burn it) it will show others you have a passion for coffee. But before we get all excited about making flower or heart patterns, let’s make sure we get the milk temperature right first.

The first tip is to start right. That means cold milk and a cold stainless steel straight walled steamer or milk jug. Yes, cold milk, not room temperature, you don’t need to help the steamer wand do its thing. It takes a small longer, but the smooth velvety frothing milk you will have at the end is worth the extra effort.

* Place in the amount of milk you need for your coffee.
* Then raise the milk jug so that the steamer wand falls well below the milks surface.
* Open the steam valve, and raise the steamer wand so it sits just below the milks surface. You don’t want to make large bubbles, so somewhere around 1cm (or 2/5 inch) under the milk surface will be fine.
* As the milk rises go the steamer wand accordingly. Remember your aim, smooth velvety frothing milk, not huge bubbles.
* Once you have built a velvety surface, push the steamer wand deeper into the milk and continue to heat the milk.
* Wait until the milk jug is hot to touch, not warm, HOT, you should have hot velvety frothing milk.
* Then just pour into your espresso to complete a fantastic cup.

Now, those milk patterns I mentioned earlier? It’s called the-java-cafe.com/Latte-Art.html Latte Art. Find out how to make those works of art. Its coffee dressed to impress!!!


the-java-cafe.com/Frothing-Milk.html www.the-java-cafe.com/Frothing-Milk.html

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