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Picking Out The Right Wine

Choosing the right wine for any occasion needed be hard if a few simple guidelines are followed. There will be some options which will be different depending on whether you are dining in a restaurant, in which case you are limited to the wines on the wine list. If you are shopping at a retail site, you can still make excellent choices depending on what you like and what type of occasion it is. The first choice when you are purchasing retail is the size of the store. The most vital feature in the determination of the store is that it should have knowledgeable staff who are willing to listen to your specific needs and provide you with excellent advice accordingly. The store can be either a large well-stocked wine store or a small boutique, but the people in the business must be helpful and attentive. Help from knowledgeable staff is very helpful when you are purchasing the wine as a gift for someone else. You want to find a quality wine at a reasonable price. If you’re purchasing wine for yourself, you can be adventuresome enough to try something new and perhaps find a new favorite. You will need to question yourself several questions before you start which will help you and the sales staff narrow down your choices.


If the wine is for a very special occasion, you may want to spend a small more to ensure you get the best quality for the money. Sometimes the small private marks are quite reasonable in price, but at other times their brilliant reputation has made them much more in demand so the price goes up accordingly.


If you are looking for wine for a particular occasion where the wine will be consumed by itself or to be served at a meal with foods, it makes a difference in the type of wine that is chosen. If you have particular varieties of wine which you have already tested and know you like, you may even plot the meal around the wine, rather than the other way around.


While the choice of a specific wine is certainly up to the individual, there are some standards which usually are observed when selecting wines to go with a meal. For example, sweet foods will reduce the fruity taste of dry wines, cause tannic wines to be more bitter, will increase the perception of sourness or acidity, and will cause sweet wines to taste drier.Acidic foods will also increase the bitter taste in tannic wines and reduce wine acidity, Salty foods will reduce the bitter perception, acidity perception and increase sweetness perception of the wine. If the foods you are serving tend to the bitter side, there’s not too much you can do except add some salt to the bitter food. Bitter foods and bitter wines don’t neutralize each other.Rich or fatty foods will reduce the sensation of tannins and rich wines complement each other.If you are serving hot or spicy foods, you can use a sweet wine for a excellent pairing.

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