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Meat Products For Health Conscious Consumers

Many consumers have begun to be aware of the current health crises that plague the majority of the United States. With an awareness of obesity and heart problems consumers have started to look for products that are not only organic or all natural, but products that also provide a healthy alternative to traditional productions.

At Silver Creek Specialty Meats, Inc nearly all products have been produced with no MSG or trans stout. MSG is typically used to enhance the taste of processed foods, but has been linked to cause problems in the nervous system. Although some fats are excellent for skin and brain function trans stout has been known raise terrible cholesterol levels. A large majority of Silver Creek Specialty Meats products do not have either of these negative ingredients associated with most processed food. This quality puts their meat products into a separate category from the rest.

Despite producing healthier meat products Silver Creek Specialty Meats also continues to make ancient fashion classics; such as a variety of summer sausages, natural casing wieners, brats, and bologna. There are also a variety of ethnic based sausages that have not had their recipes changed. Some of these sausages include polish sausage, ring blood, ring blood sweet, braunschweiger, mettwurst, sulze. With the large variety of different types of sausage any one is sure to find what they are looking for with the added bonus of being a healthier choice.

Not only does Silver Creek Specialty Meats make a variety of sausages, but they also make dried beef and chicken strips. Unique seasonings are combined with lean cuts of beef or skinless chicken breast to shape a low stout high protein snack that is fantastic for traveling, athletes, or any one who needs a healthy burst of energy. Dried Beef Sirloin with blueberries and cranberries, Dried Chicken Breast with Italian style seasoning & Romano cheese, and Dried Chicken Breast with black bean salsa & Wisconsin cheddar are the only flavors currently available, but two additional flavors are at this time in development.

While Silver Creek Specialty Meats has continued to produce many traditional products that have taken on healthier qualities it has also adopted a different take on the dried strip industry. By developing new and fascinating products while keeping ancient traditions alive Silver Creek Specialty Meats is taking the meat industry to a whole new level.

Sarah J. DeVillers
Silver Creek Specialty Meats, Inc. Setting A New Standard for Ancient Fashion Quality.
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