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Should I Buy Stainless Steel Cookware?

There are many different choices for individuals looking for the perfect cookware for their kitchen. One of the most well loved choices for the average consumer is stainless steel cookware. It is easily one of the most widely recognized and well known types of cookware, and is a favorite of many individual cooks. But is it the best choice for you? What makes this cookware so fantastic? It is worth the price? These are questions that this article will help to answer so you can make an informed choice.

First off, what exactly is stainless steel cookware? Stainless steel is an alloy, or a combination of metals, that mixes basic iron with chromium, nickel, and some other minor metals. The chromium is what provides rust protection and an extra degree of durability. Nickel also provides extra rust protection, and adds the “highly polished” look that is often attributed to this cookware. The bottom of pans often have copper or aluminum added to increase the pan’s ability to conduct heat, since one of the disadvantages of the pans are that they are poor heat conductors. Another vital factor to consider is that there are high grade levels of cookware, and then there are lower quality levels of cookware. My advice is if you choose to buy this type of cookware, don’t skimp: the high quality is a huge difference over the lesser varieties.

There are several advantages to using this type of cookware. For one, it is extremely durable and can last years and years. It is also extremely hard, its non porous meaning you won’t have to worry about cracks, leaks, or spatters. It also has a smooth surface that is dent and scratch resistant, is usually simple to clean, and it is really simple to keep that groundbreaking new look.

There are some disadvantages to it as well. For one, it is a poor heat conductor, which is why the pans have to be coated with copper and aluminum to help cooking. This means that if speedy cooking is a huge deal with you, then you should look at other cookware. Excellent stainless steel cookware also has a relatively high cost, which is always an issue in shopping for anything. While it is extremely simple to clean, the outside tends to discolor with very high heat, and extensive exposure to salt water can also hurt the pans by causing pitting. While the heat discoloration can be cleaned off to an extent, if appearance is always an issue, then this cookware may or may not be worth the buy depending on the amount of work you’re willing to place into upkeep.

For many people, it is a fantastic addition to the kitchen. For others, cast iron may be a better choice. Always look at the pros versus the cons, and choose which on each side are more vital. Since there is a trace amount of nickel in the cookware, those with a rare allergy to nickel should NOT eat from it. Otherwise stainless steel cookware can be a fantastic addition to any person’s kitchen.

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