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How To Get Best Out Of The Food, While Preparing It

1. Avoid soapy water or detergent while washing vegetables as they may leave residual in your food. For thick and rough skinned vegetable and fruits such as potatoes, try using a small scrubbing brush to remove surface dirt.

2. For maximum flavour and texture kidney beans and soybeans should be soaked overnight before cooking. Always cover the container to protect the contents, and cook the beans in fresh water, discarding any residual left by the soaking process.

3. If the recipe calls for the milk to be added over heat, be sure to add it slowly and over a low temperature so as to prevent it from curdling. This particular in case when combining milk with acidic substances such as tomato, vinegar or citrus.

4. Thaw meat in the fridge, or in cold water. Bacteria can rapidly multiply at room temperature, so it is problem to keep your meat cool. Maintaining meat should also always be covered and kept in the fridge.

5. In defrosting meat in microwave, ensure the food is cooked immediately. Some areas may have started to cook – providing a mild temperature in which bacteria could develop.

6. Always discard any marinated used or fresh meat, as it will contain raw juices that could harbor bacteria. For the same reason, don’t place cooked meat back into pan or tub in which it was previously marinating.

7. Be mindful of how you use kitchen towels – particularly those you use to handle pots and pans or wipe down kitchen surfaces.

8. When cleaning countertops, consider using paper towels, which can be easily discarded. Regularly machine-wash your tea towels and oven-mitts in hot water. It is also vital not to dry your hands with a towel you just used to clean up thaw meat, poultry, or seafood juices.

9. Wash your hands, cutting boards, dishes, utensils, and countertop with hot, soapy water after preparing each food item and before you go on to next food. Replace excessively worn cutting boards (including plastic, non-porous acrylic and wooden boards). Bacteria can grow in the hard-to-clean grooves and cracks

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