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Storing Coffee Beans – To Freeze or not to Freeze, that is the Question

There are many theories about the best way to store coffee beans or ground coffee to retain freshness. One of the theories is to place your beans or ground coffee in the freezer for later use. Is this method the best way to store coffee? Let’s explore the thought.

Freezing seems like a universally accepted way to keep foods fresher longer. Freezing is a fantastic way to store many of our everyday foods. Vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, and even butter can be given a life extension through freezing. In fact, freezing often retains many of the vital vitamins and minerals in foods. Unfortunately, coffee may not share the same benefits from freezing.

There are 4 main enemies of our precious coffee beans: moisture, light, heat and air. At first glance, freezing doesn’t seem like it should be too damaging. Appearances, but, can be deceiving.

Coffee beans have been roasted in order to enhance flavor. The beans are also porous. Unfortunately a freezer can contain many other foods which have odors. The porous beans can absorb the flavors of many other frozen foods. Flavored coffees can be pleasant, but no one wants to drink seafood or garlic flavored coffee.

The beans can also absorb unwanted moisture. Moisture can deteriorate the coffee beans resulting in loss of flavor. The more you take coffee out of the freezer and place it back in, the more moisture can be absorbed into the bean. If you do choose to freeze some coffee, only freeze it once. The more you take it in and out of the freezer, the more hurt you do.

The oils in roasted coffee beans are an vital part of the flavor of a excellent cup of coffee. Unfortunately, freezing breaks down the aromatic oils in roasted coffee. Breaking down the oils means taking away flavor, giving another excellent reason to stay away from freezing coffee.

Ultimately, freezing coffee is probably not the best thought. Keep coffee stored in a cool, dry, airtight container away from light. Freezing coffee is possible, and may be alright if you only freeze it once. The resulting loss of flavor and quality might not make it worth it to you. Your best bet is to buy only enough coffee that you and your family can consume within 1-2 weeks. Delight in it at the peak of its flavor!

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