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A List Of The Healthest Meats

There is the recent hype of eating right meat and certain warnings about the dangers of eating meat have also been given, by many nutritionists. This article will separate the hype form the reality of eating meat. This article deals with what is the right meat to eat and we conclude the article by many surprising facts.

1. Beef Per 100g 136 calories 5.1g stout

Beef contains lots of stout and about half the stout in beef is monounsaturated stout which is similar to the heart healthy stout that you find in olive oil.

These cattle are more likely to have been fed on grass and not grain which makes the stout healthier and will contain more omega 3 which is heart friendly.

2. Pork Per100g 123 calories 4g stout

As it is known that pigs are intensely reared which increases the chance that pork will contain harmful chemicals. It is more vital than ever in pork to go organic.

3. Lamb Per 100g 156 calories 8.3g stout

The lamb has best known for being unhealthy as it is a relatively fatty meat but lamb is one of the least intensely reared animals (the complete opposite to pork) and is relatively healthy and a fantastic treat.

4.Ham Per 100g 107 calories 3.3g of stout

Normally you should end up eating packaged ham in moderate quantities as it can contain up to 37% water and have high doses of salt and even flavourings.

5. Venison Per 100g 120 calories 2.4g of stout

It is a very healthy choice for red meat lovers and this tends to be wild or non intensively farmed it is therefore one of the healthiest of all.

6. Bacon Per 100g 215 calories 16.5g of stout

Just like ham very high in salt and preservatives that are the subject of cancer scares. Like ham only indulge occasionally.

7. Chicken Per 100g 116 calories 3.2 stout minus skin

Chicken is a rich source of iron, zinc and vitamin B12 so ensure its organic chickens are one of the most intensely farmed meats and these can be full of things, well you really don’t want to know!

8. Turkey Per 100g 119 calories 1g stout

Like chicken it is a very healthy meat – Go for organic. It is one of the leanest meats and excellent source of protein. Turkey is Rich in B vitamins and zinc and a fantastic source of tryptophan a brain boosting nutrient.

9. Duck Per 100g 11.2 stout

Duck contains lot of saturated stout, but also contains a lot of health benefits to with huge doses of Iron and Zinc and B vitamins.

If you compare all the said above meats then turkey rules by being the best all round choice. You normally should refrain from bacon and ham and beef is not as terrible for as many nutritionists rest all of the meats above can be eaten regularly.

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