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Outdoor Cooking Equipment Makes Your Life Easier

Having traveled all over the country in an RV years ago, we have retained a like of cooking in the fantastic outdoors. To this day, we would rather cook outside then in, even in the winter with snow on the deck. In fact, my son is now in the process of designing a gourmet outdoor cooking area, complete with fireplace so we hardly ever need to cook inside again, even in the cold, not that I am a gourmet, but it sounds excellent.

But remembering back in the day when we saw the country in a travel trailer, I know it can be much more enjoyable to cook outdoors if you give it a small thought and preparation. When you are in your kitchen and need a certain utensil, just open the drawer and there it is. But if you have not plotted your outdoor cooking equipment well, you are just out of luck or you have to run back inside for your outdoor cooking utensils.

So the first thing you need to do is to is try to reckon of everything that you could possibly need and then cross off your list anything you can do without.

Plotting Will Make Cooking Outdoors More Enjoyable

Outdoor cooking equipment, can range from a fully equipped luxury outdoor kitchen with built-in barbecue equipment (you don’t have to worry too much about not having the proper utensils then), to, as we did for many years, cooking on a charcoal grill out on the deck without any fancy outdoor cooking equipment at all. In the last case, you might find it simpler to do most of the preparation inside before you start to cook. This keeps what you need to a minimum.

There are some things that are a must, like tongs, long handled spatula, and of course, the charcoal, lighter fluid and matches. A nice serving plate and a chef’s apron are nice but not absolutely required.

Not Required, But Helpful

If you want to get a small fancier, you can always just add a small mesquite wood to the fire, giving whatever you are cooking a delightful, smokey flavor. And then, something a small more basic, such as aluminum foil, will make your life much simpler, especially if you are cooking fish, certain vegetables, etc. Though, what I do, is make small individual packets of vegetables, potatoes and spices. A small olive oil or cooking spray on the tin foil works fantastic. Those I can make beforehand, whether we are cooking on the deck or going for the day to the Fantastic Smoky Mountains National Park.

Which reminds me, a jug of water and some soap for clean up can come in really handy unless you are sure there will be running water wherever you are going. Though normally, the parks have, not only a grill, but also water to clean up. So that really cuts down on things you must take.

All in all, if I have to cook, I would rather do it outside. And it’s always nice to have the latest and greatest outdoor cooking equipment, but even if you don’t, so what? Outdoor cooking is fantastic anyway you do it.

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