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Juicing for Large Families

Juicing for a large family can be time consuming and tedious. Try these suggestions to make Juicing fun, less time consuming and economical.

Juicing counter:
Especially with a large family and time being a constraint you will find that it is much simpler to have the juicer on the counter. Organize your kitchen such that the juicer is on the counter and all your other equipment like the cutting board, weighing scale, knives are conveniently placed. The bottom line is to arrange things for the greatest efficiency possible.

Buying produce in bulk for your large family would mean that you need to store it in the best possible way. It is advisable to invest in a excellent second refrigerator for additional storage. Fresh produce spoils even under the best conditions. It is vital to buy your produce, clean it and keep it in the refrigerator.

Use Zip lock bags:
To keep your leafy vegetables fresh, clean and wipe them and place them in zip lock bags. Remember to dry them before putting them in zip lock bags or they could get soft and spoilt.

Plot ahead:
Make a schedule and plot your juicing ahead of time. Sign up for a copy of our free “Everyday Juice Diary”.

Make juicing fun:
Preparing ingredients to juice for a large family can be very time consuming. Make juicing a family activity. Involve the kids in helping with preparing the ingredients, and deciding on which juices to make and searching for recipes. This family time will not only inculcate excellent and healthy eating habits but the kids will learn about the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. Kids like to have what they have prepared and you will find that they readily have all the excellent stuff on their own.

Juicing on a budget:
Juicing for a large family can quickly mount up the budget considering the amount of ingredients you need. Here are some tips on how to reduce the cost of juices without accepting poorer nutritional value for your juices.

Use produce that is in season:
Juice ingredients that are in season. When a particular fruit or vegetable is in season there is plenty available in the stores or the farmer’s market. You are sure to find excellent deals on these fruits and vegetables. It is also beneficial to juice the fruits and vegetables in the season itself. Vegetables and fruits taste their best when their flavors and colors mature naturally with the seasons. Fresh, and seasonal products are essential and more beneficial to healthy juicing especially when you buy produce that is not artificially ripened. Sign up for a free copy of “Your Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Calendar.”

Buying organic at cheap prices:
When you visit your local farmer’ market you will find fresh organic produce with a few blemishes or not of the perfect shape, much cheaper than the regular produce. Dont hesitate to buy the organic tomatoes, which are not perfectly round. It’s going to be place in the juicer anyway.

Buy base ingredients:
Carrots and apples are among the most juiced ingredients. Besides they are also among the healthiest ingredients to be juiced. These ingredients are cheaper and easily available throughout the year. Use them as in your juices as a base ingredient (60% of the juice) and mix them with other ingredients of your choice.

Have fun Juicing!!

Charlotte D’Souza is a Horticulturist, focusing on the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables, through her experience in the field she recommends juicing regularly as a healthful supplement to your diet, to not only look but also feel better and healthier. The website healthyjuicecentral.info healthyjuicecentral.info aims at encouraging juicing and promotes the benefits of drinking wholesome and invigorating juices.

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