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Proof! Wine Health Benefits

In the past 10-15 years, many researches have been conducted on Wine health benefits on our healthy lifestyle, or not so healthy life style. They have all concluded that Red Wine in particular have enormous benefits on our cardiovascular system and to a lesser extent on other bodily systems.

These researches have shown that flavonoids and antioxidant, is present in abundance in Red wine. Flavonoids reduced the risk of heart disease by controlling our cholesterol levels.

As mentioned before, moderate consumption of Wine has other health benefits to other parts of the body. Wine health benefits have been shown to extend to fighting cancer and other degenerative disease. Present in the skin of grapes is a substance called resveratrol, it has been shown to extend life in the lab, and it also has tumor inhibiting activities on some cancers.

Wine health benefits have been around for a long time. Even heard of the "French paradox", well it goes like this, a news report on French lifestyle brought to our attention the fact the French diet is rich in meat, cheese, butter and other high cholesterol foods, but yet their rate of heart disease and death associated with heart disease is considerably lower than elsewhere in the world.

Do the French know something that others do not know – maybe not. But they also consume allot of wine, and this is believed to be the cause of the lower heart disease rate.

Should you go to France? I don’t know, but you can try to consume a glass of wine when you eat. Preferably red wine, it is excellent for you and it seem to have more of the health benefits than others.

Cheers to you health

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