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Healthiest Green Tea To Drink – How To Find One

Your most reliable guide in your search for the healthiest green tea to drink is to trust your taste buds.

Many green tea health benefits have been attributed to catechins and theanine. Catechins are powerful antioxidants. Theanine is a natural relaxant. Together they take drinkers through a complex experience that refreshes both the body and soul.

They contribute greatly to tea flavors. Catechins taste astringent, but it combines with caffeine in hot water to form a tasty brew. Theanine sizzles. It feels sweet and fresh.

A high quality tea contains lots of these compounds in optimal proportion. If your cup tastes bland or bitter, then chances are you’ve got a low grade.

USDA Study

The 2007 report published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) compares nearly 400 foods for their catechins content.

It shows why a regular brew is the healthiest green tea to drink.

100 millimetres of regular green tea contains 127 milligrams of catechins.

Decaffeinated brewed green tea contains only 56 milligrams. Flavored brewed green tea has 43 milligrams. Instant green tea has only 12 milligrams.

Unsurprisingly, the study shows that the longer green tea has been processed, the more nutrients it loses.

Healthiest Green Tea

Traditionally teabags are the norm in the Western countries. But loose green tea is becoming more well loved due to its higher quality.

Teabags are made from broken leaves. They go through a roto-machine that slices the leaves for further processing. The process breaks the cell walls and causes the tea to lose freshness quickly. Long shelve life doesn’t help either.

Green tea compounds break down easily. No wonder manufacturers are busy adding favors to regular green teabags to make them taste better.

In contrast, high grade loose green tea is made from unbroken tea shoots The very best are handpicked and handfired on the same day, then stored away from oxygen and moisture to keep fresh.

These high grades are made from tender tea shoots picked early Spring. These early crops contain the highest concentration of nutrients.

Tea plants tend to accumulate chemicals from the environment. Being very young, these tea shoots contain the least of any environment pollution.

Don’t take my words for it. Try it. And see if you’d feel the difference.

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