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Why Are Consumers Demanding More Organic Milk?

The demand for organic milk has increased all over the world. No, this is not with reference to the increased demand for the product that occurred in 2000-2001. This is about the present – 2006.

So, why is the demand for organic milk increasing? The answer lies in the benefits of organic milk. Consumers are demanding more organic milk due to its enhanced health benefits.

Research conducted at the University of Aberdeen, and the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research have shown that organic milk has more Omega 3 than non-organic milk. So consumers can now just replace their regular milk with organic milk and do away with those Omega 3 supplements or fish oil capsules.

Similarly, research conducted at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and the University of Newcastle has shown that organic milk is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Vitamin A is essential for a excellent eye-sight, and Vitamin E protects body cells from free radicals and delays ageing.

Organic milk also has more Conjugated Linoleic Acidl (CLA) than non-organic milk, as it has become mandatory to graze the organic cows on pastures unless weather forces the farmer to interfere. Now cows that graze on pastures have higher concentrations of CLAs in their milk than fodder-fed cows.

There was always a lack of evidence that organic food is better than conventional or non-organic food and all the benefits of organic food over non-organic food were strong beliefs of the producers and consumers in the wellness of organic food production methodologies.

But, the research findings on health benefits of organic milk have firmed the beliefs of consumers who are now demanding more organic milk. Health conscious people have also shifted to organic milk resulting in a shortage of the product.

But, the increased health benefits of organic milk are not the only reasons for this surge in demand. People are also questioning the factory mode production of organic dairy products. Many people now believe that livestock have excellent health when they are left in the open. Confined animals are more prone to diseases and hence the increased chances of BSE cases.

Consumers are also becoming conscious of animal rights and do not wish to be part of the extensive cruelty imparted to confined livestock. Since organic milk production involves certain aspects of animal welfare, these consumers have shifted to organic milk even if it costs more.

Kiran Patil is a chemical engineer and an expert on organic food and organic farming. Visit his website at organicfacts.net www.organicfacts.net

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