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Dutch Ovens – Cleaning

When it comes to cooking and cleaning a cast iron dutch oven, I know exactly what steps need to be taken in order to make the most tasty meal and leave your dutch oven nice and clean. Every time my family and I go camping, we use a dutch oven. I’ve also ran a restaurant where every weekend we would have a dutch oven buffet. It became so well loved that soon many people started to question us to cater their family parties and reunions. Even company get togethers have questioned me to cater for them with dutch oven food. The focus of this article isn’t on the cooking, but, it is on the least favorite part of the whole meal: the cleaning.

I have heard of several different ways to clean a Dutch oven. Some people like to try and burn them out. Some try to use salt to scrub it out and there are even some that use water. I always use the soap and water method to clean mine.

Don’t be fooled by people telling you that soap and water will ruin the dutch oven. Even if you have heard this, it isn’t right. Well, not completely. Allow me to share with you this: There once was an ancient cowboy that spent a lot of his time out herding cattle. He told about cattleman who took a dutch oven with them to make their meals. He said that they had 2 reasons to bring along a dutch oven; for both cooking and cleaning. They would place it on the fire to heat up the water. Right after, they would wash their dishes by putting soap in the warm water. This helped them do their dishes in a more convenient and less time-consuming way. Next, and this is the most vital step, they took the dutch oven and oiled it all up. They made sure to grease every part of the oven, even the lid.

Now I guess if you were out on the desert without a lot of water you may choose to burn it out or rub it with salt to clean it. I don’t like it done either way.

One time, I let someone borrow one of my dutch ovens and forgot to question how they cleaned it. What a mistake! This person burned it out. When I got it back there was stuck, charred food, charcoal chunks and a black sooty mess inside my oven. I had to scrub for an extremely long time to get it back into a condition that I could use it to cook in again.

I know of another person who insists that the only way to clean a Dutch oven is by rubbing salt in it. His Dutch ovens are terrible looking and he spends lots of time burning out the rust before he can use them.

When I am finished cleaning my dutch ovens they are attractive to look at and store with no rust, ready for the next time I want to use them. I prefer using the ancient cowboy way. I heat up the Dutch oven with some water in it. If there is any food stuck on the oven leave the lid on. The hot water and steam loosens it right up. Then I add a small soap, wash it out, rinse it, turn it upside down to dry, and then lightly oil it.

You should lightly oil it by using a paper towel and rubbing it into the cast iron. By doing so, you eliminate any chance it has of becoming rusted and it will be ready for your use anytime you need it.

Sometimes I have also stored a sheet of paper towel inside to absorb any moisture that may happen to come along.

This way has worked awesome for me. The cast iron Dutch ovens stay rust free and ready for use. Whether it be over a fire or a gas camping stove, this method will always work..

Now you don’t have to worry. Now you know that just using water and dish soap is the best way to clean a dutch oven. It’s the most simplest and sanitary way. Always remember the most vital step: the oiling. If you don’t forget that, your dutch ovens will be safely stored away and ready for their next use every time.

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