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The George Foreman Grill – Revolutionizing Grilling!

When the first George Foreman grill came out, people were skeptical. A fighter who could cook? What did he know about grilling? But there he was, cooking up a storm on television.

Since those first days, the basic George Foreman grill has come a long way and has expanded into an entire line of not just grills, but a complete set of accessories to go with it! The results are incredible, and now the words George Foreman grill, are on everyone’s lips.

The George Foreman grill line has become known for its healthy aspect, with grills specially designed to reduce the amount of stout used in cooking. They come in outdoor as well as indoor models, and have basically changed the face of grilling!

Featuring non-stick surfaces, the grills require no extra grease for cooking and the best feature is that every George Foreman grill is designed for “run-off” so that the stout cooking out of the burger or steak you are grilling, just runs right out of the grill instead of soaking back into the food.

Since many of the grills in the line are really electric, there is no troublesome charcoal to get burning, no liquid lighter fluid to be used, and no smoke in the eyes. It makes grilling a pain-free procedure, which will probably make you want to do it even more often! And if you suddenly get the urge to grill up a steak in the dead of winter, these are the grills to choose.

For compact cooking, check out the George Foreman grill “Next Grilleration”. It features space for up to six hamburgers, but is an innovation in the grilling world. With the appearance of a sandwich maker, this sucker really cooks both sides of the burgers (or other food) at the same time! The grill plates are even machine washable for super-usability.

The plates on the George Foreman grill mentioned above are also interchangeable, with options for omelets and more. This interchangeability allows for multiple uses of the compact contact grill.

If you delight in listening to music while you cook, the new MP3 George Foreman Grill is perfect for you. The futuristic design of this indoor/outdoor grill is the first thing you’ll notice, but then you will see that the slim, curved base is really made for music. With a built-in speaker and MP3 capabilities, it is quite the luxury grill! This George Foreman grill model is also electric, which makes it thought for indoor use as well as outdoor.

The side-by-side griddle and grill is designed for the ultimate breakfast BBQ. Cook pancakes on the flat griddle to the right and grill sausages, steak or whatever you desire on the grill side! It is a weird looking device, but it works extremely well!

In small, the George Foreman’s grill line is one that should not be overlooked when choosing a grill. The innovative design and dozens of useful features outshine other models on the market. The wide variety of accessories is a huge plus as well.

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