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Designing A Restaurant

A excellent design and layout plot are necessary for having a excellent restaurant. Many entrepreneurs would say that their dream business will be to own their own restaurants. Restaurants are excellent businesses which can be very fulfilling. The mere fact that people go to your restaurant to eat is already something to cherish. It’s like having people inside your house every once in a while craving for your home-baked goodies.

A successful restaurant will need a excellent design and layout plot. Design and layout plans are dependent on different factors which will come and influence the final decisions later on. In fact, the output of the layout plans can certainly affect the success of the restaurants. People often go to a new restaurant and they reckon to themselves “they should have place that plant elsewhere, it obstructs the excellent view” or “I wish they hadn’t place too much light in here.” These are certain small things which can really add up and can end up influencing the customers to go to the other side of the street where another restaurant is calling their tummies.

After the type of food and service are identified, the next step is to hire consultants regarding the design of the restaurant. These are some of the things that you need to take into consideration when considering different floor and layout plans for the restaurant.

-Density of customers

The layout plot should be based mostly on the comfort that the people who will eat will be getting. Even quick food restaurants consider the density of people, especially in peak hours, even though it may seem that these restaurants become too crowded during lunch time. For formal dining restaurants which cater to the upper class, it maybe wise to provide more space between the tables since these restaurants don’t really rely on the number of people per day. Their revenues depend on the pricing of the food items. There would be more provision for more eye candies such as furniture and art works.

-Style of service

The layout and floor plans should also be based on the type of service that the restaurant will give. Quick food restaurants and self-service restaurants would need less distance between the tables since the food won’t be served there. For other restaurants which provide table service, the space between the tables is very vital so as to prevent too much clutter from happening in a specific end of the restaurant.

-Type of building

The layout plot is restricted by the type of structure where the restaurant will be built. You should be able to take into consideration all the different curves and the minor details in the structure before proceeding.


Proper lighting is very vital for every restaurant. The lighting should be able to match the mood and the type of service of the restaurant. A relaxed atmosphere can be complemented by bright lighting while serene and serious moods can be accompanied by subtler shades.

Designing the restaurant will be divided into two vital parts: the dining area and the production area. The dining area is vital because this is the essence of the structure of the restaurant. The people should be comfortable in eating in the restaurant and this will be determined as early as the designing phase. Studies have revealed that 50 percent of the time, people come in restaurants as pairs, 30 percent come alone while the remaining 20 percent usually come in groups.

The production area is the second major part of any restaurant. The main thing about the production area should be efficiency. The organization of the kitchen will determine the speed by which the food can be cooked and served. The production area design should take into consideration other things like space for storage, food preparation, baking, cooking, trash storage, production aisles, employee facilities and other such matters.

In hiring design consultants, the restaurant owner should always remember to place a clause of confidentiality in the contract. This is to prevent the consultants from leaking certain parts of the design to other people, especially to the competitors. This can be as simple as a single-line clause which states that everything regarding the design will be owned by the client.

These are some useful things to remember in designing. The most vital thing to remember in designing a restaurant is to keep in mind the people who will be eating at the restaurant for they will be the ultimate lever of its success or failure.

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