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Sinful is how women has always described chocolate. But despite so, do you know that 99% of all women like chocolate and that they may really prefer chocolate more to than to sex?

What exactly about chocolate is it so wonderful? Well, in fact it is not just the women who like it but nearly everybody would like it too. I believe you delight in chocolate just as much? It always feels so nice to have it melted in your mouth, delivering its wonderful taste right through your tongue, doesn’t it?

Well its wonderful taste aside, chocolate contains phenylethylamine – the same chemical that is released in your brain when you fall in like; leading to that increase in the pounding of your heart, feeling of a sudden gush of excitement. “Like Chemical” is what some would call it. It is also believed by researcher that phenylethylamine in turn causes the brain to release mesolimbic dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, another chemical where its presence is at peak during an orgasm.

Nevertheless, the sweetness from chocolate also triggers the release of endorphins. Reckon about those blissful feeling you had after a wonderful session of lovemaking. That is the effect from the production of endorphins in your body. Perhaps that is why some women really remarked that they felt a feeling of elation when eating chocolate.

Well, a perfect gift for your like, chocolate will be. Just like buying roses during Valentine’s Day, chocolate can never go incorrect. In fact, the both could be the best combination ever. Do you know that roses also contain the “Like Chemical”, Phenylethylamine? That clarifies for its distinct scent.

Giving of chocolate, as gifts of like has been long well loved in Japan since the late 1950s. A bit different though; during Valentine’s Day, the ones doing the giving are the women instead and usually, chocolates were sent as gifts to confess their like for that special guy. Heart-shaped chocolates would usually be given. To nevertheless balance out this unique custom, “White Day” was later invented in Japan. On 14th of March it falls, one month after Valentine’s Day exactly. During this day, guys who received the chocolate will be given the chance to reciprocate their valentine gifts with soft, fluffy marshmallows. This would be the most pleased day for girls who receive their fluffy gifts. Isn’t it so lovely?

Well, giving of chocolate as a gift of like has today, certainly become more and more well loved. Along with the greeting card, your message of like will be delivered. Filled with your most genuine like, each chocolate will contain. Melting one’s heart as they melt in the mouth, warming up their heart as sweetness run through their tongue.

Why not send some to your loved ones today, brightening up their day with a chocolate so full of like.

Rick Valens

Staff Writer for Like Relationship Discussion Forum, loveletterbox.com loveletterbox.com and nevertheless also a freelance writer for fashion-in-style.com fashion-in-style.com, bringing to you new fashion thoughts & lifestyle.

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