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Asian Organic Restaraunts – A Welcomed Addition to the New York Restaraunt Scene

Asian food has always been a favorite of mine. The combinations of spices, vegetables, meats and seafood allow for nearly limitless choices. There is something for everyone to delight in with Asian cuisine.

But lately I’ve been wondering:

Why is it that you can get mounds of food for a low price? The answer is simple: you’re not eating the highest quality products available. Mass produced food products treated with fillers, preservatives and pesticides are cheap, which makes them more attractive to use. Some of these chemical agents remain on food through the cleaning and cooking process, which means, sad to say, they become part of your meal. So your favorite dish may taste fantastic and be simple on the wallet. But many people believe your body has to work harder to break down your meal due to the chemical additives.

You may reckon you’re eating a healthy steamed vegetable based dish, but in reality you may be having something quite different. Organically grown food products are not subject to these processes. The result is a higher quality, healthier product for you to delight in.

Thankfully, some smart restaurant owners specializing in Asian cuisine have caught on to this. They realize that organically grown food items are truly healthier. They are giving their customers exactly what they believe they are eating.

Asian Organic food, simply place, are foods that are not treated with chemical preservatives and pesticides. They are foods that grown (or raised) without genetic engineering, growth hormones irradiation, antibodies or artificial ingredients. Food grown in this natural environment reduce the bodies exposure to toxins, which can help boost the immune system. Nutrition levels are usually higher in organically grown products in comparison to the same commercially grown items.

And the best part is, it tastes fantastic! I reckon it tastes even better. Vegetables taste fresher and crispier. You will be eating a healthier meal and not give up any taste and satisfaction. Traditional recipes are still used, but with higher quality, healthier products whenever possible. You can now delight in Pad Thai, Ribs and Wings knowing that what you are having is safer and healthier.

An emergence of Asian Organic Restaurants has begun in New York City. You can now find your favorite Thai and Vietnamese dishes prepared with organic food products. Most dishes are served “family style”, so everyone can sample this incredibly unique and tasteful cuisine. And you won’t break the bank doing it! Remember that you are getting really getting what you pay for; a tasty, satisfying meal without any chemicals and pesticides.

So the next time you are in New York and in the mood for Thai or Vietnamese cuisine, call ahead and question if the menu is organic. If it’s not keep dialing. There are much healthier alternatives available to you.

Check out New York City’s premier Asian Organic Restaurant: Tigerlandnyc.com Tigerland

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